cease & desist letter #3 - trenchcoat.org
An archive of disturbing illustration

Part I. Cause

We registered trenchcoat.org, put up admittedly one of the most timely offensive things that has ever been privilege to be hosted on the internet. Under "WHO TO SUE" was listed both rotten.com and Burlington Coat Factory, an outlet store. You can buy trenchcoats there, the implication of course being that somehow the Columbine School Massacre was planned and/or instigated by Burlington Coat. Yeah. Right.

Part II. Conclusion

They were most upset. They called our former ISP a number of times, and sent us this lovely demand. By then of course, the number of death threats we had received piled up to a sufficiently interesting level that the site content was ready to change to its new "all hate mail" format.

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