cease & desist letter #3 - RSAC Ratings
An archive of disturbing illustration

Part I. Cause

About a year ago a tag was placed on rotten.com's front page rating it at "Disney" level. The action was then promptly forgotten until this certified letter arrived.

Part II. Conclusion

The letter claims we entered into some manner of contract, breaking the "terms of agreement" specified on their website. This is an outright lie. We've never visited their website. The META tag from Disney's site was merely pasted in and modified.

Furthermore, the letter claims trademark violation, but we state in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS that our rating was not endorsed by RSAC. It was merely made compatible with it. This would be equivalent to Netscape suing Microsoft for sending "Mozilla/Compatible" as their browser identifier -- which they do -- and for which nobody has even raised the slightest stink over. What fucknuts, this RSAC.

We don't care much for ratings systems. The internet was not created for children, and there's no reason to turn it over to them now.

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