cease & desist letter #14 - Coke
An archive of disturbing illustration

Part I. Cause

The Coca-Cola Corporation has complained that their trademark is visible in this bottle-up-the-bum that we featured in one of our Fuck of the Month's. Examining the picture in question under close scrutiny, we see that the logo on the bottle is nearly completely obscured by the fact that it is inside the model's rectum. The actual complaint stems from the shape of the bottle, which was claimed as a trademark in the 1950's. But to be honest, we weren't even thinking about the shape of the bottle or what this woman's brand preferences were when we selected this photo. And in fact we were astonished when anyone else was.

Part II. Conclusion

Unfortunately the Coca-Cola Corporation does have some case law on their side, though whether it would stand up in court is questionable. We say this because the brand is incidental to the activity in question, and in fact it must be pointed out for most viewers to notice that a particular brand is involved. In all of the legal precedents cited, brand choice is fundamental in the presentation.

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