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You may have noticed there there are no banners on, anywhere. Money to support this repulsive site comes from viewers such as yourself, and from the pockets of the rotten staff.

This site is costing a terrible amount of money to maintain. Transfers are totalling several gigabytes per day now, and are constantly growing. About 30,000 visitors per day stop by. If you ask your local ISP how much to host a site that transfers about 5GB/day, they'll probably quote you a number in the thousands per month. And that's if they would even host it.

So, if you are offended and infuriated by rotten dot com, hold your nose, open your checkbook and send us something, and we'll send you something.

For $16, an ancient roman coin. A bronze coin from the late imperial period of the Roman Empire, in nice condition -- not one of those klunky junk coins sold in cheesy comic book advertisements. About 1500 years old.

For $32, a cranial burr, commonly known as a skull drill. A wicked looking medical tool to use to burrow into someone's head. Never used, unfortunately.

For $32, a copy of Triumph of the Will, the infamous Nazi propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl. It is perhaps one of the most compelling movies made, in any time. New, in shrinkwrap. [photo].

For $32, a package of eight vintage bondage photos from the 1950's to 1960's. The package will be randomly selected and will usually be in their original packaging. These are vile, amateur skanky photos, 4"x5" black & whites of women tied up, being spanked, etc. But done with artistic flair! These images are on one of our upcoming CD ROM's -- this is your chance to own the original source material. A very good deal at this price, these usually sell at twice the price. Must be a connoisseur age 18 or older.

For $64, a meteorite, tektite type meteorite found in Thailand's Korat Plateau. Theory is that these glassy molten nodules (sporting various aerodynamic shapes) struck earth after a larger meteorite created the crater Tycho on the moon. I will include documentation.

For $90, Rorschach test cards, such that you can administer psychiatric evaluations of your friends and fellow unstable viewers. These are full sets of vintage cards on very thick stock and were surplussed by the US military. Vintage late 1950's to early 1960's. Photo of the title page from the card sets. Only a few of these are available.

For $120, human femur. Yes, it's perfectly legal! Don't call the police! This human thigh bone comes from an anatomical specimen and not from my most recent murder victim. It was purchased legally and I have appropriate documenation for you law enforcement officials reading this. Gift wrap available.

For $128, ushabti. A small (about 3.5" high) egyptian mummiform figure constructed of blue-green faiance and buried as a servant for the dead. Late Kingdom, 700BC or so. I only have a few of these.

Anyway, if you decide to help us out or you absolutely must have one of the above fabulous items, our address is:

Thomas E Dell
Curator, Rotten Dot Com
PO Box 4436
Mountain View CA 94040

We thank you for your support. It costs about $400 to $500 per month to keep this site going, with all the traffic it's generating. So every little bit helps. (Bigger bits help more, of course, but little bits are better than no bits. I'm rambling.)

Personal check or money order is sufficient. Please notify me via e-mail if you want to obtain something on the above list over $100.

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