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Nixon meets Elvis
Rare photo of FDR in his weelchair
OJ's Holiday Ham
Marion Barry smokes crack
Sleepy Arafat
Nelson Rockefeller gives the finger
Richard Nixon Bowling
Clinton Bowling
George Bush Throws Like a Girl
Bush's secret operation
Bill Clinton, tool of Satan
Frank Sinatra and his Merry Elves
His Holiness Frank Sinatra
Dennis Hopper's Bubblebath
David Duchovny's Personal X File

Those Wacky Limeys

Winston Churchill as Gangster
Queen Elizabeth sitting on something unpleasant
Queen Elizabeth The Talking Hat
Queen Elizabeth Digs In
Too Cool Prince Charles
Princess Diana Spencer

Ronald Reagan

Reagan Live in Vegas
The New Adonis
Reagan advertises cigarettes
The Gipper Kahuna
Ronald Reagan at his Finest
Presidential Mohawk
Nancy Reagan in Mr. T's Lap

The Third Reich

Hitler shows us some Leg
Adolf atop rude missile
Happy Birthday Berlin Style
Russian film of Hitler's corpse

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