dD  .d88b.  db   d8b   db db       d888b   .d8b.  .88b  d88. d88888b .d8888. 
    d8' .8P  Y8. 88   I8I   88 88      88' Y8b d8' `8b 88'YbdP`88 88'     88'  YP 
   d8'  88    88 88   I8I   88 88      88      88ooo88 88  88  88 88ooooo `8bo.   
  d8'   88    88 Y8   I8I   88 88      88  ooo 88~~~88 88  88  88 88~~~~~   `Y8b. 
 d8'    `8b  d8' `8b d8'8b d8' 88booo. 88. ~8~ 88   88 88  88  88 88.     db   8D 
C8'      `Y88P'   `8b8' `8d8'  Y88888P  Y888P  YP   YP YP  YP  YP Y88888P `8888Y' 

.-,--.                   ,                .      
' |   \ ,-. ,-. ,-,-.    )   ,-. .  , ,-. |  ,-. 
, |   / | | | | | | |   /    |-' | /  |-' |  `-. 
`-^--'  `-' `-' ' ' '   `--' `-' `'   `-' `' `-' 

Name Date Summary
11BONES.WAD 1994-04-11 This pwad is meant to be used as one of the lower levels. Some other levels feature 10 Barons/room, not so here.
CROSSING ACHERON 1994-06-10 As in my first level -- DANTE'S GATE -- I have tried in CROSSING ACHERON to achieve a gaming atmosphere that is not only fast-paced (once the fur starts to fly), but just plain creepy.
Doom 3: Mr Smiley Head's Suffari 2014-04-16 This is a Doom 1 wad that is a total conversion. It is its own game. All new weapons, enemies, and it is VERY humerous!
Laura Beyer's ADD ON LEVELS DEMO LEVEL 1994-04-16 An atmospheric level. One new enemy.
Laura Beyer's DooM 1994-07-23 The game originally came on two 3.5" floppies, which are included in the disk1 and disk2 directories. The install program works, but it does so by modifying your IWAD, so make a backup before running it. If you want to see the contents without installing, simply run disk1.exe and disk2.exe; they're self-extracting archives.
HALOWEEN.WAD 1994-08-18 Halloween is just around the corner and so are the Sargents, Troopers, Imps, Demons, Cacodemons, Lost Souls and Barons.
MDL.WAD 1996-07-18 VERY old doom1 episode that I made some time in 95 (I think)
Origwad 1994-03-07 This is an experimental PWAD file for use with DOOM. It is rather simple since I cannot generate the nodes structure for anything much more complex than this. This level has been generated entirely by hand. No editors were used to produce it.
SutaSuma 2016-11-12 This is my first WAD released that focuses on the gameplay more than anything else.
Dooms day of UAC (UAC_DEAD.WAD) ver 1.0 (FINAL) 1994-06-24 Monsters from hell just spawned in UAC complex. UAC has deployed their truck to pick you up, along with your 5 other pals to help them. But the only person sit in the secret compartment is you. :)
Wow 1999-01-27 A cyberdemon has escaped from a lab, where they are trying to find his weakness. He was injured by a marine,which was made short work of, and he was trapped inside a illusio-pit. Your job is to find it, and kill it.
Yak World 1994-05-27 What is Yak World? The simple and clear answer is that we haven't got a clue. Many sections are highly nifty, but if it resembles a theme park or some sort of yak-infested planet we'd be the last to know. It lacks theme, unity, some of the things we love to see in a healthy WAD. We admit it! Don't hurt us.