dD  .d88b.  db   d8b   db db       d888b   .d8b.  .88b  d88. d88888b .d8888. 
    d8' .8P  Y8. 88   I8I   88 88      88' Y8b d8' `8b 88'YbdP`88 88'     88'  YP 
   d8'  88    88 88   I8I   88 88      88      88ooo88 88  88  88 88ooooo `8bo.   
  d8'   88    88 Y8   I8I   88 88      88  ooo 88~~~88 88  88  88 88~~~~~   `Y8b. 
 d8'    `8b  d8' `8b d8'8b d8' 88booo. 88. ~8~ 88   88 88  88  88 88.     db   8D 
C8'      `Y88P'   `8b8' `8d8'  Y88888P  Y888P  YP   YP YP  YP  YP Y88888P `8888Y' 

,-_/                          .            
'  | ,-. ," ,-. ,-. ,-,-. ,-. |- . ,-. ,-. 
.^ | | | |- | | |   | | | ,-| |  | | | | | 
`--' ' ' |  `-' '   ' ' ' `-^ `' ' `-' ' ' 

So here's a little information about this archive thing, read it if you like, or not.

Q. Will you upload my demo/mod/whatever?
A. Sure, just send me an E-Mail (owlman@protonmail.com) or contact me via Discord (OwlMan#6604), and we can sort something out (please make sure you have made a README file for the mod first!).

Q. Will you upload a mod that is banned from /idgames?
A. If you like.

Q. I found a error, what do?
A. Yeah, I might make a few errors, just tell me, or whatever.

Q. What's up with the date format?
A. The archive uses the ISO 8601 date system, so it would be Year-Month-Date. We do this so that people don't nag us when we don't use their own date format. The dates are based off the time-stamp of the WAD/PK3 file, and not the README file/ZIP.

Q. How do I open [enter the name of a file archiver that is not .ZIP] file types?
A. You can open the non-ZIP folders by downloading something like Z-Zip, or if you don't want to download anything apart from the Doom file, there are a lot of websites that will convert [enter the name of a file archiver that is not .ZIP] into a ZIP folder.

Q. How do I play .WAD/.PK3 files?
A. To play WAD/PK3 files, you will need to download a source port. If you're unsure about what port to use, have a look around on Doom forums, and the like.

You may also see EXE files, now depending on what OS you're using, you might like to checkout using DOSBox.

Q. How do I play .LMP files?
A. PrBoom+ can be a great tool for playing back demos. You can also use a buld of it that supports in-demo voice recording.

Q. Font names?
A. The font at the top is called Basic, the bottom is Stampatello, while the font that is that of this text is called Lucida Console.

Q. I have a question that is no on here
A. Well just contact me, I don't bite!