dD  .d88b.  db   d8b   db db       d888b   .d8b.  .88b  d88. d88888b .d8888. 
    d8' .8P  Y8. 88   I8I   88 88      88' Y8b d8' `8b 88'YbdP`88 88'     88'  YP 
   d8'  88    88 88   I8I   88 88      88      88ooo88 88  88  88 88ooooo `8bo.   
  d8'   88    88 Y8   I8I   88 88      88  ooo 88~~~88 88  88  88 88~~~~~   `Y8b. 
 d8'    `8b  d8' `8b d8'8b d8' 88booo. 88. ~8~ 88   88 88  88  88 88.     db   8D 
C8'      `Y88P'   `8b8' `8d8'  Y88888P  Y888P  YP   YP YP  YP  YP Y88888P `8888Y' 

' |   \ ,-. ,-,-. ,-. ,-. 
, |   / |-' | | | | | `-. 
`-^--'  `-' ' ' ' `-' `-' 

Name Date Summary
Plutonia Deathmatch 2018-11-29 2018-11-29 Three fools play map 30 of The Plutonia Experiment, where they try to kill each other as many times as possible. Oh, they also need to put up with very bad lag, great.
Doomslayers Play DWANGO5 (2018-12-17) 2018-12-17 On a cold Monday night of the 17th of December 2018, three fans of the game Doom played some DM with the WAD DWANGO5.
hell.lmp: Where Boys Become Men 2018-11-27 Three fools decided to not only play level 32 of The Plutonia Experiment (Go 2 It), but also play it on the Nightmare skill level. Oh, and there was a good amount of lag while playing it.
Chocolate Doomslayers Play Green War 2019-01-08 Three Chocolate Doomslayers, MadDog, OwlMan, and Technochips decided one night to play 2002's Green War, made by Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root. During this demo, all of the players suffered from bad FPS, so that is why a player may miss a target.
Mortrixs, and MadDog play The Plutonia Experiment 2019-01-03 Mortrixs, and MadDog play 1996's The Plutonia Experiment
OwlMan and Pizza Plays Freedoom: Phase 1 2018-12-22 One cold night in late December, OwlMan, and Pizza Squeeze decided on playing some FreeDoom in the Crispy Doom port (version 5.1). The two players would only play two levels until they decided to quit.
OwlMan, and MadDog Play judas23_.wad 2019-01-06 Two Chocolate Doomslayers, OwlMan, and MadDog would play the 1v1 DM map judas23_.wad
OwlMan Speedruns E2M4 2020-02-02 Simply me speed-running E2M4 in U Doom in 00:59 seconds, not much to say. I think I did okay.
OwlMan Plays Doom Very Drunk (2019-01-01) 2019-01-01 After a new year's party, OwlMan got *very* drunk, and decided to record a demo for some reason of him speedrunning Doom's E1 maps. Enjoy.
OwlMan Plays Doom II Map03 2018-12-24 OwlMan plays map03 of DOOM II, and 100% it
Chocolate Doomslayers Play 2002 2018-11-27 Fans of the Doom port, Chocolate Doom, played some of the Doom mod "2002 A DOOM ODYSSEY", with a lot of lag!
Chocolate Doomslayers' Deathmatch 2018-11-25 Fans of the Doom port, Chocolate Doom, played some deathmatch, with a lot of lag!
p1m1-897.lmp 2019-02-23 I was going to make a really angry textfile, and after tens of thousands of futile attempts, it's hard not to be quite frustrated, but over time I did discover numerous minor improvements on this that really made this much more feasible in the final result. Little movement updates here and there make a huge difference, and my key attempts were really in the past few hours (couple 9.00s, couple near 8s that messed up the exit, etc.). That said, this run had far from perfect movement (counterbalanced by some nice boosts from the monster shots). Still, don't try this at home kids. Or at work. Or really anywhere.
Fools Play FreeDM (2019-01-03) 2019-01-03 Mortrixs, and OwlMan decided to fight over the death over am old Hot Pocket, and whoever won the match would have the right to the Hot Pocket. During this deathmatch, the players suffered from some bad FPS, that is why they will sometimes miss a shot, miss a target, etc.
OwlMan Plays JL3 2018-12-12 OwlMan plays the Doom WAD JL3.WAD, by John C. Lyons in 1994.
OwlMan Plays NirvanaDoom #1 2019-01-02 OwlMan plays a very old Doom WAD, complete with a cheesey MIDI
OwlMan Plays SutaSuma (2018-01-03) 2018-01-03 OwlMan plays SutaSuma, a Doom map for E1M1 made by fellow Neocities' user, Nikku4211.
OwlMan Plays Fireball.wad 2018-12-10 OwlMan plays the 1997 Doom II WAD "Fireball Frenzy", by Peter Weatherby. Oh, how fun!
Technochips, and Mortrixs Play Doom II DM 2018-12-02 Technochips, and Mortrixs play Doom II deathmatch on map01