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Welcome to this unofficial Chocolate Doom multiplayer-centric server!

This server's aim is to organize multiplayer cooperative, and deathmatch games for Chocolate Doom (or Crispy Doom).
If you're not familiar with Chocolate Doom, it's a vanilla sourceport for Doom (1993) that doesn't add anything fancy to it like ZDoom does, retaining the original Doom experience.

This will be a very laid-back server so just keep it chill, and remember we're all just here to play some motherfuckin' DOOM!
That said, my only server rule is this: Be nice (Please don't start or bring in drama), and have fun!

Download Chocolate Doom here:

Or if you prefer Crispy Doom (which is similar but has more options, and is compatible with Chocolate servers):

Fun WADs!

Here are some WADs/IWADs you can play with others on the server :D

Doom 1 Shareware IWAD: Main Mirror, Mirror II

DWANGO5 WAD: Main Mirror, Mirror II

Or alternatively you can get FreeDoom:
Note: FreeDM.wad works 100% fine with Chocolate Doom, however the other FreeDoom IWADs do not yet.

Join the server here!

Note that this server is NOT run by any of the devs of Chocolate Doom/Crispy Doom, nor is it ran by the owner of the server!