OwlMan talks to Mari, 2019-03-18

[03:03] OwlMan: Hi, hot stuff
[03:03] mariteaux: hey jimmy
[03:03] OwlMan: Alright, fam?
[03:04] mariteaux: heard you were a little shaken about all these logs about you
[03:04] OwlMan: IDK what lgs, send 'em my way, boiii!
[03:05] OwlMan: Anyway, are you going to join the server?
[03:06] mariteaux: how about how you immediately started perving after capy after you snagged a boyfriend-free girl?
[03:06] mariteaux: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/557036243574194196/557037153541160971/unknown.png (do_you_even_watch_pr0n.png)
[03:06] mariteaux: mmm
[03:06] mariteaux: almost sounds like she had a reason to stop talking to you
[03:07] mariteaux: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/557036243574194196/557037281219969048/unknown.png (cutting_myself.png)
[03:07] mariteaux: this is another good one
[03:07] mariteaux: toes seem pretty pedestrian compared to this
[03:07] OwlMan: I mean, for the DMs, she did remove all of the context, sooo, ye
[03:07] mariteaux: jimmy, don't fuck with me
[03:07] mariteaux: stop talking about me and stop talking about capy
[03:08] mariteaux: or i will bury you
[03:08] mariteaux: i still have all the jake stuff to fall back on
[03:08] mariteaux: wanting to adopt him and shit
[03:08] OwlMan: lol
[03:08] OwlMan: k
[03:09] OwlMan: Going to join the server or not?
[03:09] mariteaux: nah, fuck yourself, i wanna be left alone like i said all this time, you're all degenerates
[03:09] OwlMan: Okay fam
[03:09] mariteaux: and if you keep poking, i know at least two people are getting hurt
[03:09] OwlMan: Miss you <3
[03:09] mariteaux: so
[03:09] mariteaux: have fun
[03:09] OwlMan: Byyyeee :)
[03:09] mariteaux blocked OwlMan