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 ____)_|  |,_\__/,_|/\|,  _|__)_|_,_|__)_|__,_|__,   _\/    _|_,_|_, 
(    (     (     (       (    (   (    (    (       (      (   (     

Written by Clive Python, 2018

This is the second version of the show bible from July 2018.

The idea of NEOFriends started one late night on the OwlMan Discord server, where myself, and Hosma came up with the bad idea of "what if they made a sitcom staring people from Neocities?"

While this is not a script, I hope you get some idea of what the show would be like if it ever got made (never in 1000 years will it get made).

The Feel of The Show

The show should feel just like any other US sitcom. There should be no ironic themes at all, it should be hard for a first time viewer to tell if this is ironic, or just using clichés without knowing.

The cast should NEVER break the fourth wall, and if they do, it's because they looked at the camera in error for a split second. The cast DO NOT know that they are in a TV show.

Despite the show being based off Neocities.org, the show will NEVER bring up this website ever, because if they did, then they would be admitting to only being characters in a TV show, and not really existing.

The show should also not deal with any real-life websites, but instead use websites that are almost, but not really like real ones, e.g. Don't use Google, use Boople, don't use YouTube, use YouVideo, don't use Facebook, use Facescreen.

On the theme of the Internet, the show should not use Internet humour, no memes, and no inside jokes.

The TV show should not use any rude language, and not use any slang. The cast should use American English over British, Australian, and any other types of English.

The audience should laugh with the show, and NOT at it.

The Show Names

The TV show should be called "NEOFriends", and NOT "Neofriends", "NeoFriends", or even "NEOfriends". Despite this, the city where the main cast live is called "Neocitie" (not "Neocities" with an "S").

Also it is "OwlMan" (not "Owlman"), "JakeOnline" (not "Jakeonline"), "Dotcomboom" (not "DotComBoom", or even "DCM").

Along with this, the audience doesn't really need to be capitalised, but this does not matter so much, as the audience won't been credited, and would only be written on the script.

The Intro

The intro to the show should be just like every other bad American sitcom from the 90's; upbeat, catchy theme tune with a guitar backing - somewhat in the same vain as the "Friends" theme.

The start of the intro should be shots of Neocities, an everyday American city like New York, the intro then fades onto a cast member who is doing an everyday task, the cast member then sees that the viewer is looking at them, the cast member then smiles at them, then a title such as "Fake Name is X" comes up.

The intro should be the ONLY time in the show where the cast break the fourth wall.

After a few head-shots of the cast, it goes back to the skyline of the city, then it fazes to a red sofa (the market team says red is in this Summer), where a sad cast member is stilling on, "...and Other Fake Name as Y" the title reads, suddenly the rest of the already introduced cast jump on to the sofa, making the sad cast member light up with joy.

The title of the show comes up: "NEOFriends".

At the start of every episode, the audience clap with excitement, as if they were going to meet their idle. Just before the audience finish, the credits for the script writes come up.


The City

The show will be set in the cite of "Neocitie" - a cite made up of cool people. Neocitie should look like New York, with its tall buildings, and overall feel of the city.

The Café

The second location should be of a café with a relaxing feel to it. The café should look modern, with round wooden tables, stain glass windows, and a few background characters sitting around, taking, and having fun. The café would be the main location where the cast will be seen together.

The Apartment

Many of the cast should been seen living in an apartment together, having fun, and watching the latest hot TV shows. The apartment should look like it's owned by a 20-something-cool-dude. The room should have cool colours, and be nice to look at. The room should have photo frames of the cast having fun together, for example, some of the photos would have the cast on a skiing holiday, another would be of the cast pulling funny faces in a photo booth, and one photo of Paris.

There should be a few posters around the place, posters like the iconic Kill Bill poster, the Jaws poster, and the E.T. poster.

The room should have a CD stand full of the latest bill board hits. The cast don't like music that is over five-years-old. The CDs should be in the English language only, no metal, no jazz, no indi, only bill board hits

The Cast

It is important to remember that while reading this part, that the cast do not reflect their real-life counterparts.

The main cast of the show should not be geeky or nerdy. If there are any nerd/geek characters on the TV show, then they should act like a stereotype of a nerd/geek. They should act this way, not because the script writer is making fun of lazy writing, but because the script writer doesn't know better. If there are any nerd characters then they should seem weird, virgin-like, quote Star Wars, Star Trek, and say things like "OMG, that's just like Doctor Who season 11, episode 12", or "Ha! That's something Doctor Spock would say" (a quote like this would show that the script writer has no idea about what their writing about, as Spock was a captain, and not a doctor).

The cast should also enjoy popular music of the early 2000s like Radiohead, Smash Mouth, and The White Stripes. The cast should not listen to any alt-music like metal, or any independent music.


Cappy should be one of the only odd things about the show, as she will not speak English, but will only speak in Welsh, however, this should NOT be used as a joke, as the cast, and the audience not react to this at all. Cappy speaking Welsh should be treated in the same way as if she was speaking English.

Despite speaking Welsh, the cast, and audience will act as if they understand her, just like how in South Park the kids understand Kenny, or how in Star Wars people understand Chewbacca.


OwlMan should be dressed in a red tie, and white shirt. Despite being British in real-life, OwlMan in the TV show should have a fake sounding American accent, but just like Cappy speaking in only Welsh, OwlMan's poor accent should not be presented as a joke. The cast will treat his accent just like he was speaking in his normal British one.

OwlMan says he has a girlfriend, however, the viewer, and the cast never see this woman. OwlMan should be the butt of the joke when it comes to closeted jokes.

OwlMan thinks he knows everything, but really he is always the butt of the joke (AKA calling him "gay", the audience will laugh at these jokes, despite them being offensive to most open-minded people).


Hosma is an every-day type of guy in this show, he works 9 to 5 at a generic office place, but he always gets the girl in the end. Hosma is as sharp as a pin, and he always gets the last word in. He is able to shut-down any person.


Joppie can be best summed up as a rip-off Fonzie. He rides a skate board, and listens to Christian rock (the last part makes him seem even cooler to his friends).


JakeOnline isn't really in the show, as he ran away from home just before the events of the show started.

Jake can be "seen" on lost posters ("HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERSON?") in the background.

Kyle Drake

Kyle is the leader of the city. Kyle only has a small role in the show overall. Kyle owns a ginger cat called Penelope.


Dotcomboom is mostly seen on the in universe TV as a politician, he is currently running to be the next city presidentio (or mayor as known to outsiders). Along with this, he is also a farmer, and a Blockbuster employee at a failing Blockbuster shop.

The Audience

The audience of the show are never seen, however, they are herd a lot whenever something "funny" is said or seen. Whenever the audience laugh the cast should try not to speak over them.

Whenever something sentimental happens the audience should laugh at