Capy liked me a lot, but I only liked her a little, but still, Owl made her some art.

Capy told Owl she was going to have an exam, Owl Made this. Dated 2018-05-05.
capy1.png - The WIP of the artwork
capy_kicks_ass.png - The final product
desktop.png - Capy using the artwork as her desktop
capy_poster.png - Made for Capy's desktop
desktop2.png - Capy using th e new artwork as her desktop
nutshack.png - Random thing
poster_this_year.png - To make it look like a poster

Other crap.

i can fuck the cat.png - Capy is happy that she can have the s*x with Penny the Neocities' cat, dated 2018-04-30
noone will say.png - Zero idea of the context of this, 2018-04-24
punched in the balls.png - Amazing comic I made, 2018-04-24
Punched in the flipping balls.png - WIP of a comic, 2018-04-12
sorry about your bollocks.png - Capy would never be sorry now, 2018-04-12
end me.png - yeah, no idea, 2018-04-02

owlowo.png - My version of some crap, 2018-04-12

Summer Fun WIP.png - More crap, 2018-04-14

Summer Fun.png - more crap 2018-04-14