How To Download VidLii Videos
: How To Download VidLii Videos
: Clive "James" Python

VidLii is slowly becoming an Internet darling for fans of 2006-10 YouTube and with YouTube, people will want to know how to download videos, so, this is how to do so...

Step 1: Find the video that you want to download, for our example, we're going to download this video here:

Step 2: Change the URL from to

Step 3: Once you are on the page, press Ctrl+U to view the Source Code of the website - if you're unsure, try it on this page to see a message.

Step 4: One you are on the Source Code page goto line 82, or Ctrl+F "src: "".

Step 5: Once you did that, you should see a long URL like this, copy and paste this URL into your browser and then simply right click the video and press the download button.

: How to download videos the old way

The half-asleep owner at VidLii changed the way that videos were hosted on their website around April 2018, because of this it's more of a pain in the arse to download videos. Below this text is the old way of downloading videos, the only way that this will work is if you do it via The Internet Archive.

Step 1: Find a video you would like to download, for this example, we're using this video here:

Step 2: Remove the "" part of the URL and replace it with

Step 3: Replace "" with "", so in our example, the URL should be

Step 4: Simple right, click the video and press the download button, then wham bang thank you ma'am, you're done!