The People's Republic of OwlMania™ Discord Server

i'm not the type to shittalk a man while he's down[,] but owlman's server sounds the least fun place i've ever seen
- mariteaux, 03/05/18

So I've had my own Discord server for some time now, but I never took the time in advertising it, and that's mostly down to me being happy with the way it is now, but I was told by Gwta that I should link to it, so here we are.

It's quite a small server, with less than 30 people, but the 30- people all know each other very well and I feel like the more the merrier. Despite the small number of people, the server is active a lot, plus on the server, I sometimes post upcoming updates to my website and do events like MS Life.

The server has a lot of shit on it - mostly gay pr0n - but I think it's alright right now, come join in, or not, whatever.

Here are the rules...

  • Don't be a dick.
  • DON'T be a dick.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia.
  • No slurs.
  • No memespam. (as in saying the same meme over and over in quick succession)
  • Heck, no spam in general.
  • No "TRIGGERED" jokes. Or Hitler jokes. Or Trump jokes.
  • No use of the word "cuck" allowed. (Unless it's used in the PROPER dictionary definition.)
  • No French.
  • Don't post any invite links without permission from the mods/admin.
  • If you are associated with Aclevo/Ovelca/Mebi/Crazy Frog/Resonably Selenium, don't join. We don't like your kind here.
  • No fun.
  • Anyone with an Anime profile pic WILL be banned
  • The secret word is brongus.
  • God bless. Like if you're a TRUE American o7 o7 o7

    Join the server!

    Also feel free to PM me on Discord, my name is OwlMan#6604 - I don't bite!

    P.S. all of the rules are jokes.