Subject: NeoMail -- Neocities defaulting to https
Date: Sunday, 8 January 2017 14:55
From: JeremyRedhead

Hello all, this is Jeremy here.

As you all probably now know, all Neocities sites default to HTTPS, i.e, unless you're using a very old browser that doesn't understand HSTS, it is now basically impossible to load your site over the (insecure) HTTP protocol.

Although this is probably a good thing in the long run, as mentioned on the Neocities blog, it will break some sites the way they're currently set up, maybe even yours.

However -- Don't panic! I'm here to help  :)

Step 1:
Find and identify any resources (images, javascript, css, music, iframes, etc) loaded over http. Note that this also includes insecure links that open in frames.

Example: <img src="">

Note that the most important changes you must make are to javascript, css, iframes, and "frame-links". Images and music will still sometimes be loaded over http, albeit often with a complaint from the browser.
However, browsers WILL NOT load any insecure javascript, css, or sites in iframes.
So focus your efforts there first!

Step 2:
Anything hosted on another site that supports https, just change the protocol to either https, or "relative", which loads based on the protocol the page is being used over.
If it's another neocities site, this should be easy!

Example of https: <img src="">
Example of relative: <img src="//">

If the site doesn't support https, you can do a couple different things:

If the resource is, for example, something that's intended to be shared, or in the public domain like a 88x31 button gif, you can probably safely download and re-host it on your site
Example before: <img src="">
Example after: <img src="/noclick.gif">

If the resource is very large, or you don't think you're allowed to re-host it, like music or propriety javascript, then you can try saving/hosting it in the Internet Archive, which supports https. Unfortunately, it also obeys robots.txt, so this might not always work.
There are also a variety of music and other anonymous file hosting services, so trying googling around some too.

Finally, if you have a link that opens in a frame that doesn't support https, just open it in a new tab! :)

Step 3:
There is no no step three!
Congratulations, you're done! :D
See, that wasn't that hard.

Please feel free to share this, I am releasing it under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Thank you for reading!

Subject: Re: NeoMail -- Neocities defaulting to https
Date: Monday, 23 January 2017 02:28
From: Nailed-It

I'm running out of ideas for my site, and I feel bad for not pushing out any more updates. I would appreciate some suggestions because my site is becoming kind of bland.
Thanks, Nailed-It

Subject: Re: NeoMail -- Neocities defaulting to https
Date: Monday, 23 January 2017 13:44
From: MelonKing

Hi Nailed-It,

Looking at your site quickly, there is not much about you or your interests. That's the kinda stuff that makes a site fun to visit.

Looking at other sites and imitating things they do that you like is another great way to add to your site, its the internet after all, your supposed to steal stuff.

If I had to bullet point some things about your site. Pictures of food always look bad. The blue background is a bit much. The choice of pictures feels inconsistent in their style and resolution. The burger quiz and Santa thing is pretty novel that's good.

Since you seem to like making multiple choice quiz things you might consider making that the focus of your site.

All the best, Melon

Subject: Re: NeoMail -- Neocities defaulting to https
Date: Tuesday, 24 January 2017 16:45
From: Nailed-It

Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate it.