Subject: NeoMail - April 2017 Issue
Date: Thursday, 20 April 2017 13:01
From: Melonking

Hi all,
Quick reissue to add sushi.

Things have been pretty quiet with neocities the last while, storage upgrades were given to all users which is nice, though part of me misses that limitation.

I have it on good authority however that we are in for an algorithm change of the main websites list, at some point in the future. It will no longer be based on follower numbers. So if your worried about getting followers, don't be :P On the other hand, I think its still up for debate about what the new website selection algorithm will be, probably similar to the "special sauce" selection now, if you have any suggestions though now is the time!

Have a great April and happy web mastering!



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Subject: Re: NeoMail - April 2017 Issue
Date: Thursday, 20 April 2017 20:41
From: OwlMan

Thank you as always Melon,

For some reason I never saw that blog update, so this is the first time me knowing about the 10x increase.

Also, thank you for the info for the algorithm changes!

I hope everyone has had a good Easter and has eaten lots of chocolate and even if you don't do the whole Easter thing - I hope you had a great day!

Subject: Re: NeoMail - April 2017 Issue
Date: Sunday, 14 May 2017 02:18
From: Ian Lestin


As I can see, you've updated your site quite a bit, Melon. I enjoy the VR page! Although, I do kinda miss the gift shop. It was a nice, funny touch to your site.

My site has been pretty dead, as no updates have been made to it this month, so far. Does anyone have any ideas of what I should add? Thanks!

Subject: Re: NeoMail - April 2017 Issue
Date: Sunday, 14 May 2017 02:50
From: Melonking

Hi Sushi,

Thanks for the kind words, and don't worry the gift shop will be back! I have a sneaky plan to sell VR real estate from it at some point ;D

As for ideas, the best thing is to pick a subject or goal and post about it. Sites about personal interests are always fascinating to me, regardless of whether its a shared interest. For example is all bout 90s stuff, and they just update when they get new things off ebay. Or on my site when I went to the US I kept a journal each day and posted about it, that was really fun to do and people still tell me they enjoyed reading it.

Really though you should just put up stuff that makes you happy and you wanna share with the world :P