A Guide to NeoMail...

In 2016, Neocities' user MelonKing, and Stranger Kawaii came up with the idea of making an (unofficial) Neocities mailing list, as a way for other Neocitie users to keep in touch.

At first the plan went okay, but as time went on the mailing list started to slow, down until it would only come out months apart.

The reason why this archive was made is so people who won't there at the time can see what it was like to be apart of the mailing list, and so that they can have some context to what is happening.

On the 21st of March 2018 I, Clive Python, asked MelonKing if it was okay if I were to make an online copy of NeoMail, this is what he said-

[00:14] OwlMan: Hi there Melonking, to make it short, about a month ago I was working on an online archive of Neomail and I sent it over here to you to ask for your blessing for me to make it public.
Here is a copy for you to look at melonking_copy.zip

[00:16] Melonking: I love the design! Looks great, go ahead, might even get a few more people to join and mail in xD

[00:17] OwlMan: Thank you boyo

[00:17] OwlMan: BTW, the URL will be https://owlman.neocities.org/neomail

For the sake of privacy, all of the E-Mail addresses have been removed completely.

Some links may look weird, for example on NeoMail -- Neocities defaulting to https the links do not work 100%, however, this is the way that they were sent via E-Mail. Other times, some outside links are sure to no longer work, this will not be fixed.

Some of the views made in these E-Mails may no longer be true, but unless a statement made in an E-Mail is harmful to a viewer, then no correcting will be made. It is important to keep in mind the dates at witch these messages were sent, and what information the people sending them had at the time.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything in between, please don't hesitate to E-Mail: owlman@protonmail.com