The Kid Radd E-Z Story Guide!

Part Three - Summary of Comics 181 thru Today

A Moderator named Crystal decided to become the most powerful being in existence because, well, this story really needs some villains. She asked the cyberworld's omniscient Seer how she could reach her goal, even knowing the rumored curse that those who consult the Seer soon die. A multi-faceted plan was revealed to her, the full details of which she kept secret.

Crystal enlisted Captain QB to help her, confiding in him that one of her steps to omnipotence was the elimination of Radd. QB was hesitant, but she promised that she could lead the Mods to control of the whole web. The prospect of freeing millions of sprites from ROMs was too great for QB to resist, so he reluctantly agreed to the task.

QB hired Kobayashi, a discount ninja, to kill Radd in his cell. Instead, Radd beat him and escaped. Sheena and Bogey caught up with Radd, and they all fled the Mods' server in Dr. Amp's ship. Uncertainty lingered over what, if anything, the heroes could do next.

Putting the cyberworld's safety ahead of their own, the group visited the Seer to ask how to beat the Moderators. The Seer told them that their world had no rules, except the ones within their own programming. Thus, they needed to seek out "unique" sprites whose programming allowed them great power. And so, our heroes began their journey from game to game, seeking out new heroes.

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