The Kid Radd E-Z Story Guide!

Part Two - Summary of Comics 65 thru 180

Radd had a difficult time adapting to society; it seemed something called "money" was needed everywhere, and to get money you needed something called a "job." Most of the other Kid Radd sprites did better. Radd's "girlfriend" Sheena joined the Moderators, which annoyed the heck out of Radd.

Radd got a job as a chatroom avatar, which was easy but didn't pay very well. He moved into an apartment with one of the Bogey sprites from his old game. Alas, he didn't have enough money to cover his share of the rent, so Bogey made Radd's "room" the broom closet.

Frustrated with his new life, Radd secretly tried to find a new game to live in, even though such an act was forbidden by the Moderators. Radd succeeded in entering a game called Bunny and Chick Playland, which wasn't quite what he'd hoped for. He nearly got killed by a big rabbit that hurled eggs.

Worst of all, upon leaving the game Radd was arrested by Sheena and the Moderators. As punishment for his crime, Radd was sentenced to hard labor as an office assistant in a spreadsheet program. Will Radd ever escape this horror?

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