The Kid Radd E-Z Story Guide!

Part One - Summary of Comics 1-64

Once upon a time, there was a hero sprite named Radd. He lived in a game called Kid Radd, where he obeyed every whim of an unseen Player.

Radd had many adventures in his game, and with the guidance of the Player, he got to kick much boo-tay. He even rescued his girlfriend Sheena many times. Radd had the time of his life, but of course it was too good to last.

Eventually, the Player got bored with his Kid Radd game and stopped playing it. Poor Radd was abandoned to rot in his cartridge while the Player moved on to other, newer games. Radd was left out of play for many lonely years...

Then one day, Radd and the other sprites of his game found themselves aware in their gameworld again, although no human was playing their game. Then a strange sprite appeared and told them what was happening. It seemed that they were in something called a "ROM" in someplace called the "web."

The strange sprite introduced himself as Captain QB of an organization called the Moderators. Many sprites had mananged to escape their ROMs and were trying to form a society in the outside cyberworld. The Moderators took it upon themselves to break into every new ROM they found, to free the sprites held "captive" within.

The Moderators' crude technique of breaking into games causes them to slowly collapse and disintegrate. Whether they want to or not, all sprites inside have no choice but to be "freed." And so, Radd rather reluctantly left his game to join life in cyberspace. Radd's world was going to be a lot more complicated from then on...

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