Browser Compatibility

Getting my comic strip to work with most browsers has been a challenge. I've tried to make a really unique viewer for Kid Radd, so that it could include animations, but all the internal links and javascript I use don't wanna work everywhere. Basically, here's what I've figured out:

If you can use MS Internet Explorer, version 5.0 or higher (PC), please do.

If you're using a Mac, Netscape works better. Why? Dunno.

I've had some problems with old versions of Netscape, but I think (hope) that newer versions should work as well as IE on PC models.

I've put together a few quick tests to see if your browser can handle Kid Radd, and don't worry, it'll take less than a minute.

Please click here.

Well, if you're reading this, you passed the most important test. Your browser handles internal links. Whew!

Please click here for two more quick tests.


©2002 Dan Miller