Kid Radd Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a sprite comic? / Where can I get a ROM of Kid Radd? / Where are these sprites from?

A: All the Kid Radd characters were created by me, Dan Miller, and crudely drawn/animated by Paint Shop Pro. So no, there was never a Kid Radd game on the NES or any other console, and this isn't really a sprite comic. Still, once in a great while you'll see a cameo sprite, like the power-ups being eaten in Itty Bitty's diner.

Q: Why would you want to create a "fake" sprite comic? Aren't you gonna scare away everyone who thinks sprite comics are crappy?

A: I dunno, maybe I'm a masochist. Seriously, I recognize that for the handful of decent and funny sprite comics out there, there are hundreds of crappy imitators, and that's given the artform a bad reputation. But I like the artform, even though I don't like using other people's creations. So I made a comic using my own characters, so they could be exactly who I wanted them to be without having to fit into established characters (i.e. Sonic's a snob, Mario's an idiot, Crash Bandicoot's my father and so on).

Plus, I could eventually sell merchandise without violating copyrights. (Insert capitalist pig laughter)

Q: Why won't this comic work in Netscape?

A: It's complicated, but the two main reasons are 1) The javascript that "starts" certain animations won't work in Netscape, and 2) Netscape won't allow animated backgrounds in table cells. There's probably a way to fix the first problem, but nothing I can do about the second one until Netscape allows animated backgrounds. So for now I've given up and just asked people to use Explorer, since it's used ten times more often than Netscape anyways. Hope you appreciate the plug, Mr. Gates.

Edit: Apparently more recent versions of Netscape handle the comic just fine. Hooray!

Q: Who are you, anyway?

A: I'm a twenty-six year old geek who lives in Cleveland and works as a manager at an ice cream shop. I used to like programming BASIC games on the Apple IIe, but in recent years playing around with HTML has become my hobby. Thus, this comic is my current (and hopefully longterm) hobby.

Q: Are these questions really frequently asked?

A: So far they've all been asked of me, some more often than others. But from here on I'll probably just think up other questions people might wonder about, and answer them myself.

Q: Isn't that kind of schizophrenic of you?

A: Yes. Bacon. What?

Q: Now you're mocking yourself with your own questions. Why?

A: Like I said, I'm a masochist. Um, we/I had better get back to some real questions.

Q: Will there ever be any real Kid Radd games?

A: Hopefully. I've already made one Atari-ish game called Bogey Bomber, and may make others if I can improve my javascript skills. My younger brother Dave (you might know him as forum mod clowcards) would also like to create something, and a couple of other fans have also said they might make games. But it's too early to name any "release" dates. If/When any of this happens, I'll put up Games and Fanart sections for them.

Q: How does your comic's viewer-thingy work?

A: It's simpler than it looks, but tough to explain. Every page has five or six panels, each consisting of an identical table that looks like a "viewer.". The "next" and "previous" buttons are really internal links that take you to another panel on the page. Because all the viewers look the same, when you jump between the panels on the page, it looks like there's only one viewer and gives the illusion that the viewer's "screen" is all that changes.

Eventually I'll put up a much more thorough explanation of it all, titling it "The Making of Kid Radd" or something equally self-congratulatory. Edit: It's up. Anyways, good question.

Q: Don't compliment yourself.

A: That wasn't a question.

Q: Fine, then: Would you like a knuckle sandwich?

A: Hey now, you're me. We can't be hitting ourselves.

Q: Wanna bet?

A: Ow! Hey! Stop that!

Q: Had enough yet?

A: Alright, alright, uncle! Geez, I think I need a therapist. Are there any more real questions?

Q: Will there be any Radd posters, t-shirts, that kind of stuff anytime soon?

A: Probably, but I think I'll wait 'til at least January so I don't have to report any sales on this year's tax returns. If the oft-quoted statistic that 1% of your readers will want to buy stuff is true, then there's about a dozen people who want Radd merchandise at the time I write this. So I'm not in too much of a hurry. Edit: The usual cafepress stuff is now available; other stuff may be on the way.

Q: Thanks for reading this FAQ, and we'll add future questions if necessary.

A: Hey, the Q can't have the last word! Every Q has to have an A. That's how it works!

Q: Have you ever been in traction?

A: Never mind.

Q: If you have any questions not covered here, drop me/us some mail. Have a great day!

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