The Kid Radd Character Guide!

Name: Radd

Game of Origin: Kid Radd

Sprite Type: Hero (Player Character)

Background: Radd used to be the hero of an obscure video game, but in the present he's just another sprite in the cyberworld. After the Moderators freed him from his ROM, he got a crappy job as a chatroom avatar.

Preferring life in games to his boring day job, Radd tried to sneak back into another ROM to live that life again. Such an act was forbidden by the Mods, so Radd was arrested an imprisoned as an Office Assistant in a spreadsheet program. He eventually escaped, but by that time the Mods were being taken over by some sinister characters, and trying to conquer all of the cyberworld. Radd and his friends are now on the run from the Mods, not yet sure what to do.

Powers/Abilities: Radd has typical platform game jumping skills, and attacks by shoot/throwing Radd Beams from his arms. These beams are chargeable up to power 255, at which point they're known as a Mega Radd.

Radd also has a four-hit lifemeter which spells out the letters R-A-D-D. A noteworthy detail is that this primitive lifemeter registers damage from all attacks equally (by taking away one letter). An apple hurts Radd just as much as a bullet!

Name: Sheena

Game of Origin: Kid Radd

Sprite Type: Non-Player Character

Background: Sheena was the damsel in distress in Kid Radd, an extremely boring role for any sprite. When freed, she happily joined the Moderators so she could free other sprites like herself. Just as Radd makes the mistake of assuming that all sprites were happier in their games, Sheena and the Moderators assume all sprites are happier outside of them. But experiences in her job soon cause her to question this belief.

Sheena felt guilty because many of the sprites she freed were ill-equipped to survive outside of games, and ended up in the Mod's RAM warehouse, a boring sad existence. She resigned from the Mods just before they were taken over by Crystal's dark ambition, and she now flees with her friends on Dr. Amp's ship.

Powers/Abilities: Sheena has NPC invulnerability, that peculiar trait which keeps you from killing townsfolk and shopkeepers in games. She can neither inflict nor receive damage; she simply exists. This neutrality was why the Moderators hired her; she can be sent into the most dangerous games without being harmed.

Name: Bogey

Game of Origin: Kid Radd

Sprite Type: Enemy

Background: Bogey was one of hundreds of enemies in the Kid Radd game. His programming was to walk predictably in straight lines, and he always followed it, even though it meant he got blasted frequently. In the cyberworld, he's taken on Radd as a roommate, somewhat inexplicably. But since Radd can't pay much of the rent, he forces him to sleep in the broom closet. Bogey's got a bit of a reputation as a hornball, though in truth he's not much worse than Radd, just blunter about it.

When the Moderators began their conquest, he joined Radd and Sheena on Dr. Amp's ship, now sailing aimlessly through cyberspace.

Powers/Abilities: Like many minor enemies, Bogey has the "touch of death," a mysterious power that hurts hero sprites who touch him. Unfortunately, this power can never be turned off, so Bogey can't touch Radd, even though he means him no harm. Also, as an enemy, Bogey is generally immune to other enemies' "touch of death" powers.

Name: Crystal

Game of Origin: Final Legacy

Sprite Type: Random Monster

Background: As a minor enemy from an RPG, she hated her game quite a bit. She despised being a wimpy enemy whose only purpose was to help the heroes level up. She envied the power of the bosses, who took place in much more exciting (if ultimitely futile) battles. When liberated from her game, she realized that the cyberworld was a land of opportunity, where even she had a chance at real power.

Crystal joined the Moderators, and rose through the ranks to near the top. Wanting more power still, she asked the mysterious oracle the Seer how she could gain power over the entire cyberworld. What the Seer told her has not been fully revealed, but she has taken control of the Moderators organization is now using it to conquer sprite colonies everywhere.

She also wants Radd dead, again for reasons not completely explained, but apparently he's a threat to her future power.

Powers/Abilities: Low physical attack power, plus "fairy" magic attacks which cause annoying yet rarely fatal status ailments.

Name: Captain QB

Game of Origin: Fighter Heroes

Sprite Type: Hero

Background: A high-ranking member of the Moderators, he was the agent who freed the Kid Radd sprites (read: destroyed their game) and the one who hired Sheena. He's very well-intentioned, but like most Moderators he sees things a little too black-and-white. Or at least, he used to...

Crystal promised QB that she could lead the Moderators to control of all sprite colonies on the web. This opportunity would allow millions of sprites to be freed from their games, a prospect QB wants more than anything. But to get her cooperation, QB needed to do Crystal a favor: Get rid of Radd. QB's formerly rigid morals foundered, as QB rationalized that the murder of one "criminal" was worth it for the freedom of millions of innocent sprites. He's now the Mod's leader in name, but Crystal's really running the show.

Powers/Abilities: His favorite power is his Super Freezeplay DX, which temporarily immobilizes sprites and adds minty freshness. He probably has other skills, but doesn't know the controller motions to do them.

Name: Kobayashi

Game of Origin: ???

Sprite Type: ???

Background: Very little is known about the "Discount Ninja." He's a mercenary and assassin for hire, at low low crazy low prices! And you get what you pay for, cuz he's not very good at his job.

He was hired by Captain QB's flunkies to kill Radd. He was unable to complete this task, neither by his ninja skills or his hobby of boss machinery. He was humiliated by Radd in battle and seeks revenge.

Powers/Abilities: He possesses a number of lightning-fast moves but his aim is atrociously bad. He's had a harder time than most sprites transitioning from a 2-D game to the 3-D cyberworld. Consequently, his attacks almost never hit their target.

Also strange is his unknown lifemeter. While most sprites flicker for a moment and then are perfectly fine after taking a hit, Kobayashi has an unusual reaction to damage - it hurts! He has the rare ability to have the crap beaten out of him, with oft-comedic results! It's almost as if he were created to be a story's comic relief...

Name: Itty Bitty

Game of Origin: Final Legacy

Sprite Type: Non-Player Character

Background: An NPC barkeep from an old RPG, he's made a rather successful living doing basically what he did in his game. Of course, in the game there was only one customer in the entire world, whereas in the cyberworld there are millions of potential customers. IB seized the challenge, and is expanding into other ventures now that his chain of diners is widespread.

Powers/Abilities: Standard NPC invulnerability. He has one minor "disability," though his mobility is unaffected. Since the game he was from never showed him anywhere but behind his counter, his sprite doesn't have a bottom half. He's a little touchy about this, and understandably so.

Name: Dr. Amp

Game of Origin: Fun Fun Puzzle Pop

Sprite Type: Non-Player Character

Background: A sprite hired by the Moderators in their Research and Development Department. A self-proclaimed genius, he's invented the crude devices used by Mods to enter games.

Built a really neato ship for the Mods, but decided to steal it back when they started getting a bit kooky. So he picked up Radd and company and escaped the Hopetown server with them.

Powers/Abilities: None to speak of; he set up blocks for the player to match in his game. Of course, he would say that his genius is his ability.

Name: Joule (call her Julie)

Game of Origin: Fun Fun Puzzle Pop

Sprite Type: Enemy

Background: She's Dr. Amp's daughter, receptionist and guard bee. She loves money, and her father would probably have zilch if she didn't come up with ways to make his inventions profitable. She convinced the Mods to hire her dad.

She's not crazy about their new "fugitive" status, since it's doesn't generate much income.

Powers/Abilities: Her Honeybee Sting destroyed blocks and ruined high-scoring combos in her game, but is mostly useless in the cyberworld. It generally inflicts low damage except to sprites with primitive lifemeters such as Radd's.

Name: Elfman

Game of Origin: Bing's Quest

Sprite Type: Hero

Background: Something of a slacker, he wasn't too crazy about getting a job. When he found out that some games, unlike his own, are actually fun, he decided to give them a try. Like many of his choices, it wasn't well thought out.

Powers/Abilities: No attacking ability without special items; vulnerable to just about anything. He's from one of those adventure games where every wrong choice kills you, and you get stranded because you neglected to grab the feather off the floor in the first area.

Name: Gnarl

Game of Origin: Kid Radd

Sprite Type: Boss

Background: Radd's brother and archenemy in their game. He bears little true animosity against Radd, but he enjoyed his job beating the crap out of him in the game. Radd hasn't seen much of him for awhile.

Powers/Abilities: His Gnarl Beam powers are similar to Radd's, though his HP runs much higher (Hey, he's a boss). He has a second-stage transformation into the Gnarlborg, where he becomes a giant robot mounted into the wall.

Name: ???

Game of Origin: ???

Sprite Type: Hero (!?)

Background: A dealer in stolen source code - a commodity which allows sprites to sneak into games, much to the Mods' disapproval.

Powers/Abilities: Seemingly none, but it's still probably a bad idea to let your guard down around him.

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