Sites Worth Seeing

Before all, I have to give credit to HTML Goodies. Everything I ever learned about HTML came from there. The limited amount of javascript on this site is also from there.

Next, although KR is technically not a sprite comic, it wouldn't exist without being preceded by the granddaddy of all sprite comics, Bob and George. Ya gotta give respect to the guy who started it all. The Protoman origins story near the beginning is pretty damn funny too.

Other sites very worth a visit or two (hundred):

Spelling the Vacuum
Captain SNES
Listening to 11.975 MHz
V.G. Cats
100% OTCBH

Something Awful
The Onion
Lost In Appleton
Oro Comics
Banner Land

RPG World
4 In The Morning
River City High
Homestar Runner

Extra pimpage to the highlighted links; they're ones I visit almost daily.

And hey, just in case you feel like plugging my site, I made a couple of link buttons. Groovy.

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