Fan Art
Stuff you guys sent in! Just click on a pic to see the larger version; you know the drill.
Suhyuni drew this rendition of Comic #207.
Maddguy Kaze of Kaze Komix did a Radd oekaki at Marble Park.
StarmanDX did this group shot. I sense Mike Judge's influence.
T.C. did a series of CG Bogey pics. Here's a "Happy" Bogey... "Exasperated" Bogey...
...and a "Radd's in Trouble Now" Bogey.
In Eduardo Nakamura's pic, the heroes are in grave peril. Then again, maybe not.
Carrie-san did a shoujo Bogey. Kinda looks like Kirby and a Bubble Bobble dino had a kid.
In Nick's pic it appears Radd and Bogey have joined the Dark Side. This time Bogey has some "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" goin' on.
Carrie-san has also added a chibi Sheena to the gallery.
Brendan Jones of Guardian did some character sketches.
Simon Laberge of Les bons gars finissent derniers made this portrait.
Kirby the Dude made an animated scene of a tempestuous lovers' triangle.
Maddguy Kaze did a couple more pieces in a more traditional medium, one of Kobayashi...
...and one of Radd.
Peter Meldgaard drew this semi-provocative bit of advertising. Careful not to drool on your keyboard.
My bro Dave made a clay Radd reminiscent of Mr. Bill. Now we just need a Bogey Sluggo.

Got anything you'd like to add? Mail it in.
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