"Best of" Kid Radd
Some highlights of the series so far. First, here's some popular strips that aren't part of the main plot, and don't need much explanation for anyone to read.
The first three strips are from the storybreak strips from March 2003, which went into some unusual territory. 2-D Dictator Training was an "Extra."
Random Humor
Who Are You?
2-D Dictator Training
Here's some "music videos" that were done as TWC voting stunts a while back. The Otaku Song was the most popular, go figure. Warning: Midis ahead!
The Otaku Song
Public Service Announcement?
RAMjet Arms
Kid Radd is a very plot-based series, so the next few strips may not make much sense out of context. I've included them anyway because they contain some of the animations I'm more proud of.
Obligatory Matrix Parody
Sheena's Transformation Sequence
Sheena's Ultimate Attack

Thus concludes this little tour. For better understanding and enjoyment, read KR from the beginning. Thanks and see ya soon.
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