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Hello there my fellow Americans!

Don't you just love guns? Guns are great!

In the news today a man pulled a gun on a group of youths when they were playing with Nerf™ guns.

In the video posted online, a woman seems to be pissed off because the teens kept on playing with the toy guns and, to show who's "b0ss" she points a real gun at them telling them to stop their shit.

Luckily for us, the one kid filmed a very nice video showing the Mexican standoff...

After the video was taken, Edina Police Chief David Nelson said local police responded to the scene and "spoke to all parties involved." No arrests were made and the investigation findings have been turned over to prosecutors.

My comments are shit to that of Facebook users...

Casey Klownshu writes;

Looks like the "poor, misunderstood youth" was charging at them when he pulled the gun. If you don't want to meet violence, don't act violent and attack people left and right, a lesson that African American youth in America apparently have a hard time learning.

The very nice looking Kevin Green says;

A legitimate self defence scenario. And it worked out very well. To call them kids ignore the fact of things like "the knockout game" where it is accepted in some quarters to assault and or sucker punch people usually black on white crime. You do not have to wait until you are assaulted These so called children are no different then a criminal street gang having the clear potential to cause severe injury or death. For self defence you have to be squeaky clean having in no way contributed to the arguments escalation into violence. That means you cant start a fight or join in a fight then when losing resort to deadly force. Calling someone a name does not legally entitle the recipient to resort to violence and assault someone. So I can pretty much claim this was a legitimate self defence scenario. A very good example of a concealed carrier protecting himself and herself . People die from getting punched whether you want to believe that it was a child or not. No ages were given.

Chuk Vahl knows what's up;

I think we need to underline that conceal and carry is a thing. Period. Guns aren't going anywhere any time soon.

So, carry yourself with more class and nobody will ever have a chance to debate whether or not you deserved to get killed over that dumb shit you did.

Also, some people just never give a shit about anyone but themselves until the gun comes out. As such, let's be careful who we assign innocence to. It seems none of these kids ever learned any self discipline, they never learned respect for themselves, or others; thusly, they deserve no respect. Closer into the city and they might have run into someone volitile enough to do something much worse than brandish a gun... but they knew they were in an area where they could disrespect people and not catch a beatdown, this makes them cowards as well. Let's see them act like that over in North or South Minneapolis...

Everyone just calm down.

That's the whole story sumed up...


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