Woman Kept in Septic Tank by Brother for Black Magic

By Clive Python | 14jammar

Please note: This article only has one reference and may not be true.

Once in a full moon, you find something on the Web that makes you go wonder if you're awake.

According to Best Gore user Vincit Omnia Veritas and African Angel, in Mbeya, south-west of Tanzania, 25-year-old Neemah Machoma was held in a septic tank for two years by her brother who reportedly followed the instructions from a witch doctor that if he did so he would become rich.

Nathan Machoma, 35, did apparently become rich, but, putting his sister in a in a septic tank for two years is not the reason he became rich. Nathan Machoma has been arrested.

He reported his sister missing to the police, but his maid became suspicious about his regular visits to the tank and checked what was in it when he was at work.

Neemah Machoma was severely malnourished and emotionally disturbed but is recovering. I haven't included any photos of what she looks like now, but they are quite horrifying to see.

Best Gore user, Vincit Omnia Veritas, seemed to be unsure too whether or not she was really there for two years, they said this in the article...

Whether she was really in the tank for 2 years, or the media is exaggerating to make the story more dramatic, I do not know. Either way, even a day is too long, and hopefully that sack of shit who did this to his own sister gets what's coming to him.


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 04/01/17.