By Clive Python | 14jammar

You know when a joke goes too far, but for some reason, people keep on telling that joke, well Donald Trump is that joke.

The UK is mostly left wing, so unsurprisedly I have a left-wing view of the world, much like the rest of the UK and right now we know American politics is a mess, even in late October of 2016 we knew you guys were fucked; Trump or Hillary? Good God.

I'm not saying that the UK's politician are better than American ones, just look at Nigel Farage or Nick Griffin, but at least we don't make them our MP's.

The last PM to be really hated by the public was Thatcher in 1992, it would seem the last joke was Bush. When a politician is going to be a negative effect for the country, why would you make him the leader of said country?

It's not his policies that scare me, it's how undertrained and immature he is, what with having flamewars over Twitter, mocking a reporter for having mental problems, the infamous Trump University. If this was a TV show, it would be made fun of because of how unrealistic it is.

Oh, also for the people who did the whole Not My President protest or even the dumb hashtag, did you really think you would achieve anything but make fools out of yourselves? I don't like Trump, but I know what a democracy is. What is a better way to vote? Having it the way it has been where people have ballots or people protest and break shit?

I really don't know who pisses me off more; Trump or the protesters.

No really, good job America.


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 20/01/17.*/