T.H.E. Fox

By Clive Python | 14jammar

I am not a furry.

Right now there is a furry webcomic floating around called "Fox Dad" - if you read any of the strips you will find that it is unfurry - I mean unfunny. The comic's main way of telling jokes is by puns. Really, really bad puns.

Fox Dad reminded me of another furry webcomic called "T.H.E. Fox". Written by Joe Ekaitis (born 1955 in Pennsylvania, USA), the comic ran from 1986 to 1988, it centres around the life of a red fox named 'Thaddeus Horatio Eberhard', or sometimes just called 'Thaddeus Fox'.

Ha ha ha....

Because of the age of the comic, it is seen to be one of the first webcomics after that of Witches and Stitches and Inspector Dangerfuck.

It was first put on CompuServe and was drawn as pixel art on a C64 KoalaPad, first using KoalaPainter, then Advanced OCP Art Studio. The comic was in sixteen colours (or 320x200 in eight) and took from two hours to half a day to complete. Later strips were inked, then scanned onto a PC and touched up with Paintbrush (like the one at the top). Characters were typically presented in a single plane, though some strips used oblique or perspective projection.

The comic was later put on the Web and renamed as "Thaddeus".

Much like a lot of webcomics T.H.E Fox is unfunny, it seems to rely on the joke of "lol, he's a fox". Is this comic worth your time? Not really, unless you're into pixel art or historic stuff.


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 14/05/17.
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