Standards VS Eddsworld

By Clive Python | 14jammar

On the 30th of August, I made a NG post comparing Standards to that of Eddsworld.

On the 1st of September I saw that there were 2 comments from the makers of the cartoon posted in the same hour, one from JaylenTC asking me to remove the post, the second from OldboxProductions saying that he designed Theo the character several years before he ever saw Eddsworld and that the "Theo character really has nothing to do with Eddsworld" (see Internet Archive for full post).

I took down the post on the same day because I was in panic mode, but now that I have had time to think about it, I've desided to re-post it for all to see.

Honestly, my criticism of the cartoon was not that mean, it was a review of the cartoon, if you can't take criticism, you might not want to put your cartoon on the net.

Also, keep in mind that when I talk about Standards, I am talking about the cartoon itself and not talking about the people who made it.


I Found a NG video called "Standards - Introductions" [Now removed; can watch it on YouTube], the author, JaylenTC, clearly likes Eddsworld and TomSka...

List of things that they both have in common:

  • All the main characters live in an apartment. In The End (last Eddsworld episode) all the cast live in the same apartment.
  • Geneal (Probably misspelt that name) has a green hoodie just like Edd. He also likes to draw (seen at 0:03). Edd from EW seems to enjoy drawing as well. Geneal also puts his arm in his hoodie much like the cast of EW, who put their arms in their hoodies.
  • Benji is wearing a yellow flannel shirt with a reddish tie on and has spiked hair, much like Ben in Crash Zoom. Also, they have similar names. At 1:24 Benji is seen shooting an AK-47, a gun that has appeared the most in EW.
  • Benji also says "I'm doing pretty swell myself" - one of Edd Goulds common phrases was "It's pretty swell!"
  • Theo is a foreigner from the UK, has all black eyes, has brown hair, talks in an almost monotone voice and has a foreign accent. Eddsworld is from the UK, Tom from Eddsworld has all black eyes, has brown hair and talks in an almost monotone voice. Tord is a foreigner from Norwegian and has a foreign accent. [This part was stretching it a bit]
  • The humour falls under the Eddsworld camp what with the way the people talk, the face movement and really the overall tone.
  • The font at the end credits is very similar to that of the EW comic font.
  • Their ears are almost the same as ED and Crash Zoom. Now, I'm not saying that the Standards is bad or unfunny - I'm just saying that it's very Eddsworld like.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 03/09/16.*/