Principality of Sealand

By Clive Python | 14jammar

Note that I wrote this some time in 2015

During World War II the British, with help from Guy Maunsell, constructed Sea Forts on the East-Soth of England to try and stop the Germans from invading the UK, however because mainland Britan was never invaded they were never used (Side note, the last time Britan was invaded was in 1066 by the Norman-French army).

In 1956 the forts were abandoned because they had ran out of use for the Royal Navy, however in 1966 they were operated by Radio Caroline's Ronan O'Rahilly and Radio Essex's Paddy Roy Bates.

However, after disagreements, Roy Bates seized the tower as his own. O'Rahilly attempted to storm the fort in 1967, but Roy Bates defended the fort with guns and petrol bombs and continued to occupy the fort.

The British Royal Marines went on alert and the British ordered Roy Bates to surrender. In his refusal, Roy Bates founded the Principality of Sealand on the 2nd of September 1967. Sealand even say that they are a "independent Sovereign Nation. Established on a wartime fortress in 1967 by Prince Roy of Sealand."

Full name: Principality of Sealand
Capital city: HM Fort Roughs
Area: 550 m2
Established: 2nd of September 1967
National Anthem: Freedom from the Sea
Population: 27, but only 4 permit (As of 2011)
Official languages: English
Currency: Sealand dollar
Time zone: GMT, BST in Summer (UTC+1)
Date format: dd/mm/yyyy i.e. 25/08/1984
Drive on the left, right hand steering wheel (despite there being no roads)
To call Sealand out side of Sealand: +44, i.e +44 7546 142370
ISO 3166 code: N/A
Internet TLD: .org (as they only have one website,
P.O. Box: PO Box: Sealand Fort, PO Box 3, FELIXSTOWE, IP11 9SZ, UK


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