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By Clive Python | 14jammar

I must have been 14 when I found out about Rotten, I always loved horror, some of my favour movies are in the horror genre like The Thing, 28 Days Later, Night of the Living Dead, Häxan and... well you get the point. The movies were okay, but you needed something more, something sicker.

I would often look around the Web for "creepy websites", most of the sites were okay, but one day I found a post on reddit of a list of creepy/unsettling website. Talk about a jackpot. A lot of the sites were meh, but some stuck with me, like, serpentis666, Plane Crash Info and the main subject of today, Rotten Dot Com. was started in 1997 by, uh... The Rotten Staff... Well, we don't really know who ran the site, as they never gave out their name(s). The only person who we know who worked for Rotten was Jason Scott (pictured), of, as on his blog he wrote;

The value system regarding "shock" photographs is worth noting too. For some people, Goatse is the most mundane, uninteresting of that family of images. There are much worse, people rise to say, and then they link to them and yes, they're quite worse. I've done work on and off for a few years at I can assure you, there are things much worse, stuff that makes your left eyeball shout "take the controls" to your right eyeball and run back into the john to throw up.

If this is indeed true and Scott did indeed work for Rotten, then he would have also worked for Soylent Communications this company of sorts seems to own Rotten and their sister sites, the sites being...

Rotten Dot Com stands as an important part of history, not only was it one of the first shock sites, it was also one of the first archives for horror and gore. Because gore was a new thing to the net, Rotten had the honour of being bent over by the US Government and being censored, such as The Fuck of The Month that had "been made retroactively illegal by the US government, in a side-handed attack on the pornography industry" and from Dilbert because of The Dilbert Hole.

Rotten is seen as a site for just gore, this is not fully true. It is overlooked that it has 1000's of wellmade articles over on The Rotten Library. From Doctor Who to The Elephant Man, Rotten had it all. On a side not, I would more than recommend reading Rotten's article on Abu Ghraib, one of the best reads in a long time.

Rotten has an important part in the history of the Web, whether that's good or bad is up to you to decide.

Do you have your own website? If you do, why not give it the Rotten finish?


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