The Rock Cocks

By Clive Python | 14jammar

Page contains spoilers and also talks about the theme of sex. Most of the links are NSFW.

Most webcomics try - and most of the time fail - to be funny, not many of the popular comics follow a story line. The Rock Cocks follow that of the on-going story of the American rock band of the same name who try and make it big in the world of music after they are found by their now producer Seth Sterling.

One thing to note before reading the comic is that there is a lot of sex. Like a lot of sex. So much sex that I feel like it is annoying sometimes; I feel all of the nudity and sex somewhat puts the comic down for me, if you're not hard or wet it feels very distracting to read; it's like watching a porn movie but you're only interested in the acting and nothing else - if you get what I mean. Most of the time when reading the sex parts you feel annoyed that you - yet agian - need to wank off to the comic for what seems to be the 40th time.

I imagine that most of the male reader's spunk is now water thin with how much they wank off to this comic... or is that just me...?

Please don't get me wrong here; I do not think putting nudity, or even sex, in a comic (or most things for that matter) is a bad thing, it would be somewhat hypocritical of me of me to write something like that. But what I do think is a bad thing is when it is overused to the point that you're not sure anymore if it's for the sake of art or just getting people to view your product.

I will soon talk about things that I like in the comic, but I just want to go on a nitpick I noted; so at the start of Track 2 Suria and Steg have been living in their van for the past month without running water and - I can only guess - no razors, because they have little money, so how come Suria's only pubic hair is a landing strip? Also, where is the rest of her body hair for that matter? Wouldn't she have more hair than that? How did she shave?

Yeah, I know I'm really nitpicking here, to be honest, it doesn't really bother me that much, but I think it's worth noting for people who over think something as generic as hair.

One thing that I can very much give credit to the comic is that it is only being made by two people; Leslie B and Brad Brown, over a four-plus period, starting from 2013 all the way to right now (2017). The way that both the artists are able to keep in the same gorgeous art style is also quite impressive.

Every page is bloody nice to look at, the colouring and lighting are especially stunning to look at. In fact, the whole comic overall has a very polished look, like it was made by a big comic powerhouse.


So as this really bad review is nearly over there is only one question left to answer; should you read it?

The short answer is a big mabey.

The long answer is that if you're okay with some sex in your comics then you might like The Rock Cocks. With its characters and lovely drawings, you are sure to love it.


Pic is from page No. 297 of The Rock Cocks. *Spoilers* [Internet Archive,]

Written by Clive "James" Python, 20/05/17.*/*