My Favourite Music Videos

By Clive Python | 14jammar

About two weeks ago fellow Neocities' user Gwta was talking to me on my IRC and off hand she asked me what my favourite music videos are, at the time I gave the crap answer of "Anything by Saxon or Bowie", but seeing that both Bowie's and Saxon's music careers have both lasted well over 40 years, my answer was vague to say the least.

Soon after that Gwta made a page on her site dedicated to her favourite music videos, I decided to be a hack and copy her idea, oh aren't I evil!

About ten days or so later Jonas AKA strata would public his own favourite music videos, that you should also check out!

(Also, if you're interested in what music I own, I made a page just for that!)

Rio by Duran Duran

Perhaps one of the bands best-known songs, Rio is the title track of the second studio album by British new wave band Duran Duran. The album was originally released worldwide on 10th of May 1982. The album reached number two in the UK and number one in Australia.

The album itself is amazingly 80's with its neon-colours, its piano and cheesy laughter. The music video for the song is also quite something, it's filled with sexy 80's colours and sexy people all over the place. It is set on a luscious beach that I honestly want to go to the set just to relax by the sea.

Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

Sledgehammer is perhaps one of the coolest music videos ever made, yeah? What makes it really good is that it has amazing claymation, pixilation, and stop-motion by the Brothers Quay and British household name, Aardman.

The song became number one in Canada on 21st of July 1986, where it spent four weeks. The song also became number one in America on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on the 26th of July 1986, while in Gabriel's homeland of the UK it only got to number four on the UK Singles Chart. Thank's too its popularity, it won a record nine MTV Video Music Award at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards and Best British Video at the 1987 Brit Awards. Gabriel was also nominated for three Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Fell In Love With A Girl by The White Stripes

Fell In Love With A Girl can be easily compared to that of Sledgehammer, for one, they both use stop-motion, but comparing the two is just dumb, that's like saying Judas Priest and The Beatles are comparable because they both have drummers.

The music video is made mostly of Lego bricks moving along to The White Stripes' song. The video itself won the 2002 MTV Video Music Award for Breakthrough Video, Best Special Effects, Best Editing and was nominated for a Video of the Year, but lost to Eminem with his song, Without Me.

Lame Claim to Fame by Weird Al

As I wrote in my short-lived 'newslatter', OwlMail, I believe that Weird Al is "one of the most underrated musicians of the 20th and 21st century", and I still stand by what I said. In his 40+ year career, he has been able to stay reverent, he has even been able to out-live a lot of the artists he has made a parody out of, and the really shows me that he is still fresh and new.

The music video for this song is like an orgy of name-dropping, and as someone who doesn't really care that much for celebrities, I can still enjoy the song just for its fun and upbeat tune.

I'm Afraid of Americans by David Bowie

David Bowie is perhaps one of my favourite singers, I mostly have a love for his pre-Young American stuff, along with his two last albums (but saying that it's been well over a year since I last listened to them), but I never really took the time to listen to his music in the 90's. The only song that I heard of his 90's work and enjoyed is 1997's I'm Afraid of Americans.

The music videos message on America's love of guns is very easy to tell, it's funny that a video made more than 20 years ago is still relevant today - it's just a shame that no new gun laws have been pasted, oh darn!

Killed by Death by Motörhead

What is there to say about Motörhead that hasn't already been said? Anyone who knows anything about metal knows that Motörhead and Lemmy kick ass and the music video for Killed By Death is no different. The music video is just off Lemmy being a bad motherfucker, the music video was so good and so fucking amazing to behold, that MTV banned the video being shown of their channel - kick ass, dude!

Amazing Music Video by Adam Buxton

This is perhaps one of the best music videos ever made in all of history!

Written by Clive "James" Python, 07/03/18 (written on the 7th, but only published on the 9th).*/*