By Clive Python | 14jammar

Today I was looking around Neocitie websites when I found a site called "Broken Set Online", I saw that they did a page about their computer, so, because I have no original ideas, I'm going to steal theirs.

So, this is my PC!

This is what the keyboard looks like, real nice, great for playing games!

Turning it on!

...uhhh... Yeah... Look, 2013 was a weird year for us all


My best work!

Made in, I think 2006, I used this baby for some time, yeah there is no spacebar, no right arrow, the letters E, Y, U, I, P, D, D, J, V and N are no more and sure, it runs really slow, but, it 'still' works!

Written by Clive "James" Python, 15/02/17.*/