Old Rubbish I Made

Just over a year ago, I decided to play around with image mapping in hopes that I could do something useful with it, well, as I said, it has been over a year and since I semi-published the project on an unlisted website, I have had no ideas about what I could do with the new tool. It's funny to think that at the time, I was really excited to do something with image mapping, but now, I think it's kind of useless, but I guess it could be used for things like web games, still, I don't think I will be using the skill any time soon, sadly.

The first project that I used images mapping on involved me taking my phone camera and simply taking photos of my bookshelf, allowing the viewer to interact with the webpage, letting them click on some parts of the shelf, showing what books I own (and also my then-hairy arms) plus a little bio about the item. It was rather slap-dash, but looking at it now, I do kind of link what I made and I guess that I kind of would want to do an updated version of it with much more books, or even with my record collection, but I don't think that I will do that any time soon

Regardless, please enjoy Owly's Book Shelf, as dated 2019-05-05: https://neozones.club/~owly/book/

Written by Cass "Owly" Python, 2020-06-03.