Francisco de Goya - Witches' Sabbath (1798)

"El Aquelarre", or as it is know in English rather than Spanish, "Witches' Sabbath" is a 1798 oil on canvas by Francisco Goya that is currently held in The Lázaro Galdiano Museum (Museo Lázaro Galdiano)

The devil is seen here is the form of a garlanded goat, while a gathering of witches circle him. As can be seen on this oil on canvas painting, an older witch is holding infant in her hands.

In this painting, the devil might be acting as an unholy priest at an initiation ceremony for the child, though popular superstition at the time believed the devil often fed on children, and human fetuses. The skeletons of two infants can be seen; one discarded to the left, the other held by a crone in the centre foreground.

Written by Cass "Owly" Python, 2020-06-01.*/