Halloween 2019

Hello there, everyone, OwlMan here.
So yes, the very special time of the year has come around again - a time where all the good boys and girls get to live for another day, yes that's right; it's Halloween, so get ready, it's time for a black sabbath sacrifice, get the virgins out, it's time to dance with the Devil!

For Halloween this year, I sadly could not get my little grubby hands on a virgin, so instead I decided to carve out a pumpkin, I'm very okay at this, partly due to my time in jail when I had plenty of time to carve out people. I was in jail for what I did with David Spencer during the 1982 Trumpton Riots, where 16 people, including Captain Snort were killed, shivers, bad times, man.

I, of cause, semi-joke, but for this year's Halloween, I have not planned on doing anything all that wow, mostly because I have a job, so I have little time to myself, but if you like, I have made a few things in the past to do with Halloween, such as a review of a Doom mod called HALOWEEN.WAD and in 2017, a younger OwlMan made a submission for a Halloween jam called The House (it's bad).

What I will, however, be doing this year is watching a bunch of scary movies with other weirdos on Discord, so feel free to join us - or not, can't force you (yet).

Happy Halloween!

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2019-10-31.