A (Bad) Way To Fix Brexit

Okay, so this is a little long, but this is my semi-joke idea for how the UK can "leave" the EU. First off, and feel free to skip this part if you know the deference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain, but the UK and GB are in fact not the same thing, what you need to keep in mind is that Britain is not a political idea, Britain is an island that is currently made up of three countries; England, Scotland, and Wales, Northern Ireland is NOT apart of Britain, nor are any of the islands that make up the British Isles. The United Kingdom is a political idea, the UK is made up of four countries; England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Got that? Good.

Currently there are a number of people in Scotland wish to have a second referendum on independence, to decide if they wish to leave the United Kingdom or not due to the 2016 vote that would declare Brexit (the first vote on independence was in 2014, many people wish to have a second vote due to the fact that Brexit wasn't on the table at all), if there is a second vote (many Scotish and non-Scots don't wish to have this vote), then Scotland will still be able to stay in the European Union.

Following this idea, it is then possible for the three other countries of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland) to also have an independence vote, and if all three (and also Scotland) all vote to leave the United Kingdom, then the union would still kind of exist, but only in theory (no person would actually be a citizen of the United Kingdom) but it would still kind of be a thing, but she would have no land.

So, if someone who doesn't want to leave the EU, you can suggest this idea. After all of the countries lave the United Kingdom, then all four can form a second union (why not call it United Kingdom 0.2?), of cause, this fails to bring up that to join the EU, a country needs to approve this new union to join them, so, uh, hmmm...

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2019-09-04.