OJ and Phenibut

When I was on a Discord server, a homeless 22-year-old transwoman was telling us a rather long story about one of their days that happened on Saterday the 6th of July 2019.

So, as with all good stories it started off in a bus shelter. I was sleeping in a bus shelter and a guy showed up, his name was Tray, he was 50, he was chugging mouthwash (actually I think it was off-brand mouthwash, he got it at the dollar store), so I talk with this dude for a while and it gets flirtatious for like a second, and he invites me to go to this place he knows where we can get some privacy, he says first we gotta take the train so he can pick up some orange juice so he can take some phenibut cuz he can't fuck without it Cuz it's a powder you mix with OJ, probably tastes weird in water IDFK.

So we head to the train station, and this guy sees him drinking out of the mouthwash bottle and he says "I'll buy a shot of that for a dollar", dude thought Tray put booze in a mouthwash bottle, doesn't realize it's straight up mouthwash until it's in his mouth and he spits that shit out. We have a laugh, and the dude fucking joins us on our adventure, he says his name is Atlanta Red, he takes us to the liquor store and Little Caesars and we buy vodka and pizza. We hang out a bit, he winds up leaving, and then we head back to the train station.

Tray recognizes a lady named Karen on the platform and he asks how she's doing, she says "drunk and horny", so he invites her to come with us and she joins the entourage, we head down to Safeway to drink water out of the faucet out back, then head to the place he invited me too.

That red thing in the first pic is the canoe under which he hides his belongings and over which he bends people, so we set our shit up and Karen just wanders the fuck off, she was really drunk, yeah, well not really drunk, just "wander off aimlessly" drunk. I wasn't gonna fuck her, she's straight. So he has me take my underwear off and plays with my junk a bit, but it doesn't get me hard because he can't stimulate me right in the chair, so we say fuck it, and he takes his pants off and sits in the chair, and I sit on the ground between his legs so it's like really fuckin' fun. I suck his dick real nice, I get super into it, I'm rubbing his balls, jerking his cock, and rubbing my tongue across the underside of his cock as I bob my head, and he's calling me a good girl and playing with my hair, we keep taking breaks for him to suck on my tits, and I start feeling his legs twitching and think he's finally about to cum and the twitching subsides and he hasn't gotten off, I look up and he passed out mid beej, dude went into a fucking Listerine coma, I drape his pants over his cock so he doesn't get bug bites and he eventually comes to.

We decide to take a break and get dressed, and an old dude shows up and asks "can I help you?", and without missing a beat Tray says "Do you know who owns this building I'd like to purchase this property", old dude fucks off and we hoof it back to the train platform.

Okay. Bad part of the blowjob.

Dude had told me he beat the shit out of his dick and it was in bad shape. I expected it to be like a bit red and sensitive or something, but it's dried out and the skin is peeling. I literally had to take breaks from blowing him to pull out strips of skin his cock shed into my mouth. I literally sucked the skin off this man's dick and put him the fuck to sleep.

Okay, back to fun stuff.

Okay so we take the train back to downtown and we wind up sitting on a bench outside of a hotel, and he uses my phone to listen to some music since he hasn't been able to play music in weeks, and he's dancing and kissing me (BTW this guy was not only my first blowjob but also my first kiss), this guy sits beside me and grabs me by the cheek and starts making out with me, then he reaches a hand behind my head and grabs a fistful of my hair right by the base of my skull, and I've been craving someone to pull my hair for weeks, he tilts my head to the side and starts kissing my neck, and he begins to bite me, then he comes up and starts nibbling on my ear, and he begins licking my ear on all these really sensitive spots, and the feeling and sound of him breathing directly into my ear is astounding. Tray whispers into my ear to trust him, he says "melt for me" and my body goes limp, and he's holding me up, whispering sweet things in my ear interspersed with telling me to go deeper.

And I start going so limp and relaxed I'd fall off the bench without him holding my head up and I'm just openly drooling on his arm; dude's fucking hypnodomming me and it's amazing. I've never been that deep in subspace before (subspace is the headspace subs go into during play), then two people come out of the hotel and approach us. They say they're the managers, Tray lifts me into a seated position, I've got drool all over my face, I'm not able to look straight, and I can hardly keep myself upright. They ask if everything's okay, and Tray starts getting really defensive, things start escalating, and I realize how fucking bad this looks, I snap myself out of it as fast as I can, and I make eye contact and say "I'm safe" and they leave as soon as they hear it, so we go back at it and I drop right back into subspace.

Then a lady comes out and tells us we gotta leave, and Tray gets really angry, he winds up yelling some really misogynistic shit, throwing some things, it gets really bad, I start crying, he consoles me for like a few seconds then goes back to it. I go sit somewhere else, and he comes up to me, still going off and I'm crying again. And he sits next to me and grabs me by the hair again, this time hard enough for it to hurt, and I want him to stop but I'm afraid to tell him to, so I just wait for him to let go

And tell him his behavior is scaring me, he asks what behavior, I say him shouting and swearing and shit even though he saw it was making me cry, he starts yelling at me and tells me to fuck off and that he doesn't ever wanna see me again, he leaves me to walk back to shelter alone, I walk home, collapse on the office floor and start sobbing, and luckily there's a volunteer there that night who was able to make me feel a lot better, and that's how my night ended.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2019-07-14.