Talking To Ray

For the past week, I was out in Wales, that is really why I never update my website during that time, because I like to take the time off, and switch my brain off. Of cause, I love Wales - I love most of the UK, but there is something just about Wales - so I enjoy it so much, it is such a nice place to go to, England is great, but Wales is fantastic.

While I was out on holiday in Wales, I made a visit to Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, I made a trip there a few years back, but this year I decided to take a walk around the grassland that can be found so very near the beach. From what I understand, the grassland is used for farmland (there was no livestock there, but there was an electric-fence, along with a cow-pat). In Freshwater there is a War Memorial that overlooks the beach, it was my aim to reach it. The only issue was getting over the farmland.

Overall it must have taken me just over half an hour to reach the memorial, once there, I relaxed for a short while, after this, I noted that there was a number of cards by a wooden fence. There was a birthday card for a son, who I am guessing enjoyed cycling, as the card had a photo of a man riding a bike. Inside it was worded on the lines of "Dear a wonderful brother and son". There was a crucifix next to it that had fallen over, so I fixed it. There were flowers that looked new, the stems of one was broken, so I attempted to fix it.

I read quite a few of the memorials that were by the fence, I even took the time in fixing and picking up anything misplaced on the other memorials. I wonder what will happen once I die. I'm not religious at all, I never have been, so I have no idea what will happen. I know what I want to happen to my body, but my soul, no idea.

The War Memorial, with Jesus Christ on the cross, next to it is a bench, that has a sign on it that reads "Donated by Merry Men Films and Mainpoint Engineering GLTD".

Regardless, I noted that there was a missing panel in the fence, so I went under it, to walk on the farmland (I went around the farmland getting there), finally, getting back to the beach, walking to where my family were, I saw a family of eleven or so. I noted that they had a dog that was quickly walking towards me, so I started to pet her. I love dogs, I really believe that they are man's best friend.

The dog was big and wet, but I didn't care, my own dog, Rue, can be like that sometimes. I said to the family who were watching me on my own that "She's a great dog!". Very soon an old gentleman started to walk towards me, to talk to me.

He started to tell me about his family, he told me that his son who he said was 40, had married his second wife who was from "somewhere near Japan". His son met his first when she gave her a parking ticket - very strange. He told me that he forgot the name's of his family members. He told me that he found it hard to shave, his hands would shake, and it would take him an hour so he would only do it every two weeks. He told me in a joking way that his wife would get mad at him for forgetting things.

He was from London, he would travel with his family to Wales on holiday, from what I understand one of his relatives owns a shop in London where they sell items found on the beach.

Just before I left he asked my name, as we had been talking for sometime. I answered, his response was he was called Ray, "as in Ray of sunlight".

He was very nice, but I could tell that he wasn't well. I knew that this filled his mind, I hope that him talking to me put him at ease.

Thank you, Ray.

Written by James, 2019-06-01.*/