2019-02-22: The Day OwlMan Bled a lot From His Arm

You might like to skip this one if you don't like the idea of blood

Well, I might as well post this here, but yesterday (2019-02-22) I was in the shower, when I started to pick at a little red dot on my right elbow, it was really small, I was thinking noting about it, until I started to see that there was a good amount of blood coming out of me, no biggie, blood doesn't scare me. But this was no normal cut or whatever, there was a lot of blood coming out of me, so much so that my bathroom floor was being painted with red dots. It was fucking crazy, I must have been bleeding for a good half an hour before I decided to get help. I think overall I must have lost around about half of a pint (.236588 L). My arm was very red, so much so that I was more red than blond on my arm.

Along with my arm, I somehow got some blood on my face, my right hand, and some other parts of my body

Metal as Hell!

(Also this is the first blog post of 2019, so happy late 2019.)

Little Update

So a few days have passed since I made this blog post, and a few people have asked me questions regarding this page; first off, why didn't I call an ambulance? Well I felt that there was no need for this, as I was under-control, and that I would only be wasting NHS time, and money.

Are you okay now? Yes, I was mostly alright while bleeding

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2019-02-23.