Capy: Born To Lose, Live To Win

Out story begins in early 2018, myself, and Capy were talking to each other on Discord so much that we could spend up to 8+ hours via PM talking about everything from life, death, sex, and religion. Some of the subjects that we spoke about was self-harm, we spoke about how we used to do it a lot (herself included). We both spoke a lot about our lives, and each other, I even found out that herself, and her family would visit my own home town, Worfordshire, from time to time.

Our talking went on so long that late in our relation Capy said that I was her "best friend", and even go the the point were she asked if I wanted her to be my girlfriend, writing in an E-Mail sent to me after the usual long chat;

I'm going to regret sending this tomorrow, but I'm sleep deprived so I don't care right now so fuck it.
If this makes you uncomfortable I apologise, I won't bring it up again if you don't want me to.
I just wanted to say that if you asked me out, I'd say yes.
Just wanted you to know that.
Sorry again
-Love [her first name]<3
(PS: I mean regret as in I'm a nervous wreck, not as in I'm unsure)

I responded in a fairly positive way, despite the fact that I wasn't that interested in her in that way at all.

Then out of no where she stopped talking to me. I attempted to talk to her via Discord, and even shoot her a few E-Mails, but nothing. For a bigger context, around this time she wrote on her website that her doctor recommender that she use IM less, as it stressed her out.

After sometime of myself, and Capy not talking to each other, she joined the new Hyperlink that I was apart of. Capy would kick me from the Hyperlink Discord server, and when I rejoined I found that she had made a new text channel called #the-owl. In this channel, Capy would post a large number of things about myself, here are all of them;

Accusation I: Hunting Down an Animal

He's [said he will] drive to my home city and try and find me

While reading this, you will see a patten of Capy taking everything I do way out of context. When I first said that, I was joking, I think it's quite easy to tell that.

[01:38] OwlMan: You know that I'm going to have a driving test in less than a month, so if I pass that I'll be able to drive to [Capy's city] and meet you >:-)
[01:39] OwlMan: Hell yeah, but IDK what car I'll be able to drive. [...]
[01:40] OwlMan: Then we could hold hands
[01:41] OwlMan: UwU Mmmm, hand holding

Sadly as Capy removed all of her messages we had via PM, so there is no way of showing you what she said at the time, and what her opinions were.

Accusation IB: Hunting Down an Animal

he kept asking to meet up

I must have done this around about three times (the last time was about June 2018 - about a month or so before Capy lost her shit), and this is only simply because her family has a connection to where I live. Also a number of times via PM Capy wrote stuff like "you're my best friend", I don't really see what is wrong with asking you "best friend" to meet up.

Accusation II: OwlMan Knows All

I had my full name online for like 4 years or something before I went back to an old deviantart account and edited it [...] that's how owlman found it [...] by going through journals on an old deviantart account

This point annoyed me the most as it sounds like I went out of my way to look for her name. This is just rubbish.

Let me just set up the event of the night for you; so myself, and Capy were talking in PM about bad art on dA, when she linked her old dA account from a few years ago. Capy linked to me a number of pieces of her old art that she didn't like anymore, to be honest with you, I didn't really find the art to be that bad. At the same time I was also linking other bad art by other people, then Capy would link a text post, that among other things, had her full name, along with this, she made attention to the fact that it had her full name on, saying something on the lines of "Oh God, that post has my whole name on". I was not the one who found it, she found it herself, I did also NOT archive her post in anyway, be it online or offline.

I think it should also be of note that a while back JakeOnline published a video he did for his school, that had (what I believed to be) his real name. Within an hour of me finding this out, I contacted him via PM, telling him about this. In other words, even if I do find-out the name of a person, I have zero intent in telling other people their real name, and quite frankly, I do think that people should have the right to some privacy online.

After I first called her out on it, her response was.... nothing. Nothing at all. She never responded to lying.

[21:29] OwlMan: Metal

[21:33] OwlMan: >I had my full name online for like 4 years or something before I went back to an old deviantart account and edited it
I like how this is such a lie. This is utter bullshit, and you know it's rubbish @Capy#7431. I did not find you name, you linked it via PM to me, what's more is that you removed a whole bunch of PMs relating to that. What a great lie.

[21:59] { xn--wp9h }: @Capy is that true?

[22:01] OwlMan: From the looks of it, she removed all of our PM history, so it's just posts by me now out of context

[22:01] OwlMan: No contest is the best context

[22:02] B̡̨o̢͝b̶zil̴̀l̢͝a҉: real gamers remove the evidence :sunglasses:

[22:03] Capy: I deleted it because the fact it was there stressed me out.

[22:03] B̡̨o̢͝b̶zil̴̀l̢͝a҉: makes sense

[22:03] { xn--wp9h }: yeah

[22:03] Capy: months before I said anything

[22:03] { xn--wp9h }: oh

[22:03] Capy: It was either that or delete the entire account

[22:04] Capy: It's the same thing that happened with the neocities account

[22:04] Capy: and my deviantart

[22:04] Capy: Sometimes, I just want to escape and I'm really fighting it this time

Accusation III: He's The One They Call Dr. Feelgood

I can't find the DMs but he once sent me links to photos of cuts he'd done on his leg and asked me to save them [...] he said he liked cutting

This was probably one of the biggest dick moves that I've seen Capy talk about. That's why I'm going to be a dick to her also, throw shit, get hit. Myself, and Capy spoke about a number of subjects, including self-harm. One of the main reasons why I have not made a post like this is simply because I had a weird respect for her, but after reading old chat logs, I don't think I can respect a person who has done horrible things.

So to make it clear; did I used to cut myself? Yes, I did. Do I do it any more? No, not for a long time. Why did I send the images? Because Capy told me that she also used to cut herself, and as a way to take the worries of no-one knowing that I used to self-harm off my chest, I told someone I trusted, and I showed them old images of myself.

I'm sorry if you're reading this, Capy, and you're thinking to yourself that I should of not told the whole world that you used to self-harm, but you did the exact same thing to me.

It's also funny that she writes "I can't find the DMs", as if she didn't delete all of her message history in our PMs.

Accusation IIIB: He's The One They Call Dr. Feelgood

I told him to stop

She told me to stop cutting, she wasn't talking about the set of photos. I have not cut myself in a very long time.

Accusation IIIC: He's The One They Call Dr. Feelgood

tfw you love archiving so much that you try to get someone else to archive the photos of you cutting urself

It was more of a thing of I wanted to take the weight off myself, seeing that I was the only person who knew about that stuff. I guess the weight is really off now, seeing that everyone on the Web knows.

Dumb Art

While talking in PMs a lot, Capy would draw a lot of quick sketches, here are just a few of them;

Drawing Capy made that is about masturbation

Capy's fursona hugging my owl fursona (a fursona that Capy made for me, despit me not asking for it, and me never using it)

Capy probably wanted this to happen

DId yOu KnOW tHAt oWLman Is bisEXUAL

Myself dressed up as the Neocities' mascot

Myself dressed up as the Neocities' mascot #2

Myself dressed up as the Neocities' mascot #3

Capy doing the OwO face

Capy drawing my fursona

Capy about to jump on me, oh yes, oh god yes

The fuck is this? Oh, it's me, and the Neocities' mascot in love

More of my fursona that I never asked for

Capy may have lied a lot, but this still is true

Also still true

More of my unwanted fursona

Doi, Capy made a funny!

Doi, OwlMan made a funny!

Capy making fun of a poor man for being vanilla AF, son

Capy creeping me out, always asking to hold her hand, jeez

Capy kissing my fursona, ok

okay, you can stop

Capy, please stop

Capy testing out if I'm gay to see if I can be her boyfriend

No, but you did

lol, this one did not stand the test of time, My own edit

And there we go

Capy would make a few more drawings n shit, but none of them are as weird as the ones on this page.

Ending Point

To give you a short summary of the events that happened next was that Capy blocked me on a large number of social websites, including on Discord, even after I asked her to talk it out with me. Am I calling Capy a person who is misleading people, is taking what I said out of context, and is spreading misinformation about my person?

Yes. I am calling Capy that. Hope you have a good one, and enjoy your birthday. Also "gwtagacw" means "crazy cavy" in Welsh according to Capy, so that adds up.

Anyway, seeing that I take it Capy no loner wants to be my girlfriend, I might as well make an offer to her new boyfriend, mari (who thinks I'm a nonce, despite the fact I hate children at the best of the times). So mari, I know that you're a fan of man meat, so how about yourself, and me meet up in Viva Las Vegas, spend all of our money on the cards, win it back, buy a fuck tone of coke, snort it all, then fuck in the hotel room, leaving our mark for all of time? I'll even be the top if you like. Offer still stands.

- Clive "James" Python, Capy's so-called "boyfriend".

Some ASCII art she sent to me once;

        /\:/\   |\/\/|   /   T  /\  capybara  
 owl   /_!!!-\   BFFS!  |/        \___-----,  
      | O\ /O | |/\/\|   \/_                \ 
      \`  V   /             \                |
   /`/( ` ` " )\"\           \               |
  /!!!`|`    |!!!"\           \             / 
 /!    |``   |    !\           | /-____-\  |  
 !     |`.^. |     !           ||        \ \  
      /|\   /|\                ||         ||  

Long live the most holy trinity: God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; Lemmy, Bowie, and Prince.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2018-12-29.*/