A Look Back At Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who

As of lately I decided to take the time in re-watching all of the Christopher Eccleston era Doctor Who episodes, as, right now, they are available to watch on BBC iPlayer, and I must say, what a treat is is to take a trip down memory lane with Doctor Who.

I guess that I first became a fan of the show when the new series aired on the 26th of March 2005, the last of the new episodes that I can recall watching was about two years ago, to be quite honest, the new writing of the TV show really fell below par for myself in recent times, so rather than wasting my own time on it, I decided to do better things like wank off.

I was unsure if the horrible writing went as far back as series one, but no, the new Doctor Who was really well written with great stories.

The first episode of the show opens up with gloomy shots of London, with what feels to be an almost cheap DV camera. I kind of like the gritty look the camera gives the show, it makes it seem almost more real looking, in new Doctor Who everything looks so nice and clean, I'm sure that wasn't at all the intent of the crew at the time, but I'm kind of glad that they used a less than seller looking camera.

<rant> Thinking about it, the people behind 2002's horror movie 28 Days Later used a dirty camera, and one of the reasons why many people enjoy said movie. </rant>

One thing that amused me a lot was some of the early 2000's technology, such as Rose Tyler's mobile phone that looked like it was a Nokia phone. I just love stuff like that, I'm not sure why, but I just do.

Another thing that got me was that there was a running theme of people making jabs of Cardiff, for example in episode 3, The Unquiet Dead, the Doctor lands in Cardiff rather than London, the Doctor says to Rose something of the lines of "It's worse than that, we're in Cardiff". I don't really get why they keep on making this joke apart from that Doctor Who is largely filmed in Cardiff.

But anyway, good show. Some of the CGI doesn't hold up, but most of it is good fun.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2018-06-30.