Re: Fandom Trash and People Using A.N. Lucas's Code

strata: why would someone ripoff A.N.Lucas though? [...] "wow, incredible, I want exactly this site, but better change the background so noone will notice"

hosma: ask the fauux ripoffs

strata: :^)

I've seen people use other people's code in the past, but I hardly see people's code being used more than once.

This week has been an interesting one on Neocities, not only was A.N. Lucas's code used on one site, but two. The first time was in December 2017 when a site called Z's Web Lounge (now null35) used A.N. Lucas's code on their homepage. Z didn't update their site for four months until one day on the 17th of March they updated their landing page, saying that they "shut down the site due to owlman and arkmsworld being dicks", they are talking about this post I made on their profile about four months ago...

owlman: I didn't knon A.N. Lucas had a retarded brother
zsweblounge: I didn't know that idiots couldn't spell 'know'.
owlman: Darn, I guess what I said is now pointless now that you corrected me on my spelling

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They also say that Arkm was "being [a] dick" to them, this is what they posted four months ago on their profile...

anlucas: sorta a low-effort post
arkmsworld: I'm Z-Lucas, yes I'm the real Zlucas. All you other Z-Lucas' are just imitating. :P

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Because of Z called Arkm a dick it must mean that they also saw A.N. Lucas's comment, a comment from the same person who he stole his code from! Also what kind of pussy gets upset about someone making an Eminem reference?

After Z shut down his website, he posted on my profile saying this...

null35: Hope you're happy now.

owlman: I have zero idea about what you're talking about

owlman: Oh, I said a mean comment to you ages ago about your site layout. It's nice to see that you haven't grown and updated your site layout, but you instead got upset about what some random twat said about you on the Net.

null35: Your web design isn't much better than mine, considering you just show some random photo on your homepage. The reason I was offended was because I was just trying something new and you had to come in and call my web design crap. I would have been fine with that if you had at least given me some constructive criticism instead of just calling me retarded.

joppiesaus: It's not about the quality of web design. People don't mind if you do not have a highly quality designed web page. But people don't like copies/bootlegs of other pages. I guess that's why. I'd still love to see a website designed by _you_, nonetheless. Even it's not a good one - but not a copied website.

strata: It's okay to leave Neocities. It's also okay to be pissed off at Owlman. However it is immature as fuck to publicy hold him responsible for your website's shutdown. If you decide to go, at least leave with some dignity.

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"Your web design isn't much better than mine, considering you just show some random photo on your homepage." - I didn't know that my homepage was idiot-proof (did you try clicking the very large photo?)

Because I was a good boy at the time, I archived Z's website. You can find a copy of his site on The Internet Archive and


I was sure that was going to be the end of that, but my boyo Gwta informed me hours later that there was another site that used A.N. Lucas's website code: Fandom Trash.

Much like Z, Fandom Trash uses A.N. Lucas's source code, however, unlike Z, Fandom Trash is pretty much a carbon copy of A.N. Lucas, even using the same link buttons, the same words, the same GIFs, Fandom Trash might as well have downloaded A.N. Lucas's website via HTTrack then mirrored it on another website.

Fandom Trash's website is shameless, not once does he credit A.N. Lucas, he doesn't even link his website correctly. What he does do is link A.N. Lucas's website on a broken image at the bottom of his landing page. What's worse is that he even puts a copyright at the bottom of his page; "All text and site design © Copyright Fandom Trash, 2018-2018- forever" it reads, while A.N. Lucas reads as "All text and site design © Copyright A.N. Lucas, 2013-2018- forever".

Great job.

P.S. If you are reading this Fandom Trash, please don't just give up, people will forgive you if you change your ways. Try and learn HTML, it's really not that hard. At the bottom of this page I linked tools and places where you can start your quest in HTML. Don't give up now.

HTML tools

  • If you're running Windows, DON'T use Notepad like a pleb, use Notepad++, it's much better
  • W3 School has some great tools on not only HTML but also CSS, JS, XML and more.
  • Seeing that you're on Neocities, you can always use their help with their HTML tutorial
  • As you're a big fan of A.N. Lucas, you can always use his HTML tutorial page
  • If your code isn't the best, you can use Dirty Markup to fix your errors
  • And finally, to make sure you don't get errors on your page like this € (that's for the € symbol BTW), try using HTML entity encoder/decoder

You'll also be able to find other helpful information on the Web if you look.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2018-03-20.*/