Jerk off Instructions by Pan-Pizza

Not Safe For Work!

From what I understand, Nolan from The Pizza Party Podcast made an AMA thread on 4chan's /co/, but the mods deleted it and relocated it to /trash/.

What would follow would be tons of fun, Qs and As were answered by other podcast members and Pan-Pizza (who runs the YouTube channel RebelTaxi). In the 4chan thread, someone would post the photo, 1475042362712.jpg, that shows a topless Emily Vasquez (Pan's made up "sister" whom he sometimes role-plays as), along with the transcript that Pan should read in Emily's voice.

The audio was originally posted to Vocaroo, but was auto-removed over time.

Enjoy the audio, I know I sure did...


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Written by Clive "James" Python, 2018-03-12.*/