OwlMan: Now Blocked By [At Least One] US School[s]!

Goodness, it seems not that long ago since I last reported on my site being blocked by a school, but here we are. Last time I reported that part of my site was being blocked by a UK school, note that not all of my site was blocked. Now, when I went to school, it was uncommon for a part of a site to be blocked, but it can happen, for example, part of Textfiles.com was blocked, that being the Anarchy and Explosives and General Mayhem part of the site - I guess they didn't like the Sex Pistols.

But this time it's different, this time not only is my site being blocked, but all of the subdomains on Neocities (e.g. anything with [site name].neocities.org). This was first reported by our sister site, JakeOnline, who wrote on their profile:

all neocities subdirectories have been blocked by my school because people were going to a cookie cooker rehost. thanks, javasnake!

That got me thinking that I might like to also host my website on another web host (Don't get me wrong, Neocities is and always will be my home on the Net), so if a number of ISPs block my site, then I can always point and say to go to X mirror.

I was thinking of using a site like Geocities.ws, but as I've said in the past, the website is shit, plus you're not allowed to publish any "adult content of any kind", so that means a large part of my site needs to be censored (despite all of the 'adult content' on my site is used in context to what the article/page is about).

So I really don't know what to do. As I said, a good way to get around ISPs is to use The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

But if you _really_ want to play Cookie Clicker, what I would do is download the website and bring a copy of it to your school and share it around.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2018-02-21.
22/02/18: Thank you to 477351 for spotting that I misspelt "Geocities"! https://owlman.neocities.org/library/midnight/33.html