OwlMan: Now Blocked By [Some] UK Schools!

At nine in the morning I was about to set off to walk my two dogs, Albert and Rue, when I felt a buzz by my left nipple from my mobile phone. As it turns out it was an auto-message from Neocities telling me that someone had commented on my website, the message was from Gwta, who posted on my page the best thing this year...

my school network is blocking parts of your site and is giving the reasons of; "contains web content" so ya better get rid of that content!!

This made by dog walk even better to be frank, and it was a good dog walk to begin with (I played with a large black whippet!!!!), but why did this make my day? Well, I just 'love' school Internet censorship, an example would be of my school, who blocked The Extra Fabulous Comics website, but didn't block YouPorn and PornHub - good job there, guys!

Anyway, an easy way to get around blocked sites is to use The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2018-01-23.