Freefire AMA Questions

I'll admit, it hasn't been that long since I did my last AMA (that's Ask Me Anything for those who don't know) in September 2017, so it's not been that long, but since I had such a fun time writing my replies to your questions and seeing that it's now a new year, I'd put myself on the line once more and allow anyone with a connection to the Web to ask me any questions.

For my last AMA I limited people on asking me stuff about life in the UK, but this time, there was no set subject, so any question could pop up...

Also, this time I've linked the URL for those who asked me questions, if I didn't link your URL, it's just because I don't know it, so, uh, sorry :|

exosilver Asked:
What made you pick the name Owlman?

OwlMan's Answer:
Oh man, now we're going back some years. So, let me set the stage; the year is 2015, a younger James ("Clive Python" wasn't "born" yet) is browsing YouTube when he comes across a video entitled "10 AMAZING Flash Games - DONG!" that links to Your World of Text - an open textPad that anyone can write in real time in Unicode for all the world to see. All that I would do is go on the landing page and write little three line ASCII owls like this one here...


I would make ASCII owls so often because they were easy to write, due to this, people would recognise that my ASCII art and connect it to me and they would write stuff like "oh hey, it's OwlMan!" and because no-one had yet registered "OwlMan" as a username, I took it for my own, I did have the username /~14jammar/, however, much like my old website I would soon stop using it. And the rest is history.

If you want to read my same answer written slightly differently, I wrote about it on this page that's since been removed.

Yarkario Lu Asked:
Do you like sci fi more, or fantasy more?

OwlMan's Answer:
Growing up, I loved Doctor Who to death, it was the best show ever, so I'm going to say Sci-Fi, plus I've never really seen any fantasy media, so it'll be unfair if I said anything unfair about it.

Weird Physicist Asked:
What are your thoughts on Unchangeable rules of Physics?

OwlMan's Answer:
Oh Hell yeah dude, physicist's rock!

strata Asked:
1) Do these AmAs satisfy the little exhibitionist in you?
2) Your favourite sort of ice cream!
3) Do you like any Pixar film? If so, which one is your favourite?
4) Brighton?
5) Something in your life you love to look back on?

Merry Christmas, owlie.

OwlMan's Answer:
1) How did you know??? I guess I make it too easy for people to find out!
2) Is it cheating to say Magnum? If so, I'd say my favourite ice cream is strawberry (I know, I'm weird :-S)
3) Ofcause I like Pixar, who doesn't? For myself, WALL-E is my favourite Pixar movie as it shows the end of humanity of Earth
4) Rostock?
5) The times I didn't know what a furry or weeaboo was.

And, as they (hopefully) say in Germany; Ich wünsche dir Ein frohes Fest! Too lait?

yes Asked:
What emoji best represents you?

OwlMan's Answer:
The owl emoji: 🦉 (did you expect anything else?)

flaum Asked:
How do you like your computers? sleek and slender or tanky and thicc?

OwlMan's Answer:
Deftly the later, I just love the look of mid-90s computers, CRL computers just have a spell over me.

floppyjay Asked:
what is your favorite horror film if any?

OwlMan's Answer:
Horror movies and being an exhibitionist are my two favo[u]rot things. From a young age, I would watch late night horror movies on TV, it was great, Halloween was especially cool as there were always a shit tone of horror on TV. I don't know why I love horror so much, I guess the fine line between life and death was fun - also on a lot of horror movies you could see a boob or two.

To answer your question, my favo[u]rot horror movie is 1982's The Thing - the movie makes a great and very believable atmosphere and doesn't go for the whole jump scare thing, but rather goes for body horror, I've must have seen the movie a good 100 times, but still the monster still sickens me out.

I would recommend that you hunt out for a copy of the movie on DVD or VHS so you can watch it now!

I also did a very small review of the movie over on at my old website!

VKCCodeBuilder Asked:
What do you think about my site at

OwlMan's Answer:
I've never used before now, but looking at it, it does look quite handy!

Loss Meme Asked:
| ||
|| |--

OwlMan's Answer:
I'm sorry, I don't understand your question, you've lost.jpg me.

trapped-inside-da-web Asked:
1. Have you ever tried Crystal PEPSI (clear Pepsi)?

2. Most overrated film/TV series?

3. Any dead malls in the UK?

OwlMan's Answer:
1. I didn't even know Crystal Pepsi was a thing, I did, however, know about Clear Cola. Just by guessing I would say it's the exact same thing as normal Pepsi, but clear - hence the name.

2. Deadpool by far; I honestly don't find it at all funny, the movie is just made up of Internet memez and randum XD humour.

3. There are some.

jopa joba Asked:
1: What music do you like?
2: What do you think about the movie the Martian?
3: What's your involvement with the Paradise Papers?
4: What is up with your failing love life?
5: Have you ever had a relationship with someone in which you occasionally touch each others genitals?
6: How do you deal with people you love dying?
7: Do you describe yourself more as a realist or an optimist? I have no idea what exactly those words mean, so i don't know if this is such a good question
8: What is your favorite cute animal? :-3
9: What's your favorite kind of tea?
10: Do you like to wear pyjama's?
11: Do you like lasagne?
12: What's your FIRST computer?
13: What was your favorite computer AND why?(stolen from
14: What do you think about your own websites code?
15: Where do you collect your gifs? I think this is already answered, I should look around your site more!
16: Do you ever sit in a train and eat a waffle in your pyjama's and think: "boy, why am I on this train, and why isn't there TIESTO - URBAN TRAIN" and then the main rhytm of tiesto - urban train takes over and the train starts dancing along the lines of Pyjama Sam, and everyone in the train is dancing and loving it. And then you think, boy, why doesn't tiesto create his own music anymore? what happened to him?
17: In general, do you sleep well?
18: Ever been depressed? What was it like? How did you get out of it?
Oh, dinner is ready, we're eating lasange. Feel free to answer or not to answer these questions. Love you. Greetings, job

OwlMan's Answer:
1: My goto music would be to say heavy metal such as Black Sabbath, Candlemass (Messiah Marcolin era. Their more doom music, but still), Grave Digger, Metallica and of cause Motörhead. I also like other bands/musicians like David Bowie, Lemon Demon (the mid-00 stuff I like best), Kunt and the Gang, most of Pink Floyd, The Beatles and some of They Might Be Giants.
2: Never seen it, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
3: My lawyer has said that I have no comments on this subject.
4: Never goin' to get a boyfriend or girlfriend *sobs*
5: Goodness, you sure want to know a lot!
6: Most of the time I think "Oh", then try and suppress it.
7: I'm a Sod's law type of guy.
8: Welsh corgi (especially Alex from I Hate Everything's corgi, Argy)
9: I don't like tea ;n;
10: I'm wearing some now
11: Sadly I don't like lasagne that much :-/
12: I'm not 100% sure what it was, but I think it might have been a large CRT Windows XP, or even a Windows 2000. If you care, my current computer is a Windows 8.1 - yes, I know that no-one likes 8.1
13: Well, it'll be the ZX Spectrum!
14: Take a look ;-)
15: On my website, my photos are on /img/ and /odds/
16: El Oh El
17: Good Lord no.
18: Yeah, I've been depressed a lot. I'm not so depressed now as I put it to the back of my mind, but I know I will be depressed again, and probably take my own life one day too.

jobbbbbb Asked:
Ok I'm back. The lasagne was great!
19: What did you eat this christmas?
20: In general, do you love your family?
21: Do you (still) master bait that often?
22: How much time does this AMA take you?
23: Do you like fireworks?
24: How did you find out about Neocities?
25: Anything about the UK you think is extremely stupid?
26: Do you enjoy browsing rotten dot com? Why?
Oh, I found out what music you like! you have it on your about page! Speaking of which, 27: do you still like discord(since you say you like it on your about page and you have vanished from your discord survur)?

OwlMan's Answer:
19: Too much food, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
20: Yeah I love my family, not like my Dad is Fred West.
21: Three times a day over old World War II footage, it's not as bad as it sounds, the footage is just airoplain footage of London
22: In all, I'd say it takes around two hours over the cause of a week or so [UPDATE 22/01/18: How wrong I was...]
23: Only on the 4th of November, after that you can fuck right off
24: I wanted to host my website on a better host, looked around and found out that Neocities wasn't shit (unlike
25: Yeah, royaty. Fuck the Queen.
26: I did enjoy browsing Rotten before the website went offline in September '17. But it's fine as I have a local mirror of it on my computer.
27: Discord for me is a mixed bag, for one it's better than Skype, but at the same time every time I open it up, a really cringy message shows up. Also, Discord's ToS are really shit, the big reason why I don't use it anymore is because they banned all gore, because their whims. Like, can you not? It doesn't matter so much now as I don't use Discord, Skype, AIM etc because I hate everyone.

local zoophiliac Asked:
Will your ever bless us with an eventual reveal of the cat porn?

OwlMan's Answer:
As I've said, if this post gets 50 likes, I'll relese it.

Also nice name, yiff in h*ck, furry scum!

Anonymous Asked:
What is your favourite port of Shaq-Fu, aside from the SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, Game Boy, and Amiga?

OwlMan's Answer:

exosilver Asked:
love that was me making that shaq fu post and i forgot to add my name

OwlMan's Answer:
Well, now we all know who you are!

exosilver Asked:
does this loveing thing filter the word love

OwlMan's Answer:
Annoyingly, Html Comment Box does indeed censor out bad words, if it were up to me then I would have it so it doesn't censor out anything.

rocketmix Asked:
what the love is the url to the cat porn it's been like a month come on

OwlMan's Answer:

       ____            *
      / _) `\       '.  i _
     /^/^(   )       s
    ( \=_ ) /      a   c   ,
     ) )\ \/__   ,___   ;
    /  / ~    \ /-_/       i
   (  (. ( . / /(
   /\__\    ( \_/
   \ |  )  ` \
    \| /      \_______ 
  _(_/(     \/        `)
   //  \     \.____/__/_
        \    | ________ |
        /\   ||        ||
        | )` )| CLICK  ||
        |/  / |  HERE  ||
        \| /  |________||
      / /|   | ==     : |
      \/-|___|__________|--- -

Galoop Asked:
Which Beegee would you love?

OwlMan's Answer:
I guess Barry Gibb, as he's the only one still kicking around.

anonymousse Asked:
can you explain why you said this page would be frozen on january 1 but now it's january 2 and it still isn't frozen?
have a nice day

OwlMan's Answer:
I was too lazy to freeze the page at the time.

And that's all of the questions you horrible people asked me, thank you to everyone who took part, I hope you all have a great 2018!

Written by Clive "James" Python, 2018-01-22.*/